Embrace Your Entire
Data Eco-System

Data Management

Can one database do everything for your digital business? Not if you need to keep up with all your business transactions while also tapping into new data sources from social media, customer behavior, and even IoT and Mobile edge data processing and analytics.  Not if you have operational applications requiring strict compliance and uptime while other applications demand agility and flexibility. You need a range of data management solutions that are the best fit and best-in-class for your particular business processes. That’s what Actian offers!


Actian Zen Embedded Database

Your complete Edge data management solution for Edge IoT and Mobile Apps, requiring secure, high performance data processing and analytics !  A small-footprint SQL and NoSQL database with zero administration overhead, ideal for embedding in applications by Enterprises and OEMs.


Actian X Hybrid Database

The new Ingres! The first relational database that continues to deliver enterprise-grade reliability and innovation to critical Fortune 100 customers – it just doesn’t break! Now with the world’s fastest analytic engine.


Actian NoSQL Object Database

An enterprise-class object-oriented NoSQL database, formerly known as Versant, best suited for hierarchy- or graph-oriented applications in which the data model is fundamental to performance and functionality.


Data Integration

The average business has hundreds of applications, so keeping all that data synchronized can be a complex and daunting task. How do you link multiple databases? How do you link data on-premises and in the cloud? Across cloud applications? Who maps the different data fields, and who maintains the mappings? With over a decade of experience, the Actian data integration portfolio can handle all levels of integration, including application to application, traditional data integration, or even business to business integration with your trading partners.


Actian DataConnect

Supports a wide range of enterprise- grade integration processes with a library of hundreds of connectors, and enables rapid onboarding and self-service integration.


Actian DataCloud

Links SaaS applications, or on-premises to cloud, through an elastic, cloud-based platform that makes it all fast and easy.


Actian Business Xchange

Fully-managed B2B integration service that automates workflows with buyers and suppliers to improve financial results for procure to pay and leads to cash.


Actian PointConnect

Delivers instant, point-to-point integration by providing pre-built template workflows specific to the applications.


Analytic Databases

Big Data is no longer a trend in the near future – it has become a fact of life in the digital enterprise. The only way to get full value out of analytics is to have the underlying database technologies deliver analytics query results fast and at scale. Only Actian Avalanche technology can deliver from ten to almost one thousand times performance compared to open source alternatives, while providing full ANSI SQL and supporting update capabilities without penalty.  Available both on-premises and in the cloud.


Actian Avalanche

Mission-critical cloud data warehouse for the enterprise, delivering hybrid design, modern architecture and best price-performance


Actian Vector

Columnar analytic database that delivers best-in-class query performance with full ACID compliance on commodity hardware


Actian DataFlow

Provides the fastest and easiest way to extract, transform, analyze and load external data sources into Actian Avalanche and Actian Vector


Experience the Actian Avalanche cloud data warehouse

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