New Edition of Renowned Database Enhances Cloud Flexibility, Improves Security, and Speeds Analytics by up to 20%

ROUND ROCK, Texas – June 4, 2024 – Actian, the data and analytics division of HCLSoftware, today launched Actian Ingres 12.0 database, a major release of the Ingres SQL-standard enterprise transactional database. Ingres 12.0 is designed to make cloud deployment simpler, enhance security, and deliver analytics up to 20% faster, making it easier for customers to modernize their use of data. 

“Actian’s latest Ingres release reaffirms our commitment to meeting customers on their modernization and cloud journeys,” said Emma McGrattan, SVP of Engineering and Product at Actian. “In an increasingly complex landscape, we’re strengthening defenses against cyber threats, embracing cloud native deployment technologies and simplifying cloud adoption.”

Ingres 12.0 advances the highly respected database with backup to cloud and disaster recovery, highly secure encryption for enhanced protection, improved performance and workload management, and better developer experiences.

Actian built the following new features and capabilities into Ingres 12.0:    

  • Backup to cloud and disaster recovery. Greatly simplifies configurations for both on-premises and cloud deployments through the use of Virtual Machines (VMs) or Docker containers in Kubernetes. 
    • This improvement dramatically reduces the risk of application downtime and data loss, and is imperative for rare situations of natural disaster or cyberattack.
  • Fortified protection. Automatically enables AES-256 encryption and hardened security to defend against brute force and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
    • Ingres now defaults to one of the most secure encryption standards available. 
  • Improved performance and workload management. Delivers up to 20% faster analytical queries using the X100 engine, while Workload Manager 2.0 provides greater flexibility in allocation of resources to meet specific user demand.
    • Ingres allows database administrators to have greater control over the prioritization and allocation of resources for transactional and analytical queries, increasing workload efficiency. 
  • Elevated developer experiences. Actian OpenROAD 12.0 makes it quicker and easier for application developers to create and transform database-centric green screen applications for web and mobile environments.
    • OpenROAD 12.0 modernizes applications while protecting customers’ decades of investment in business logic.
  • New gRPC server architecture elevates existing business logic for integration with any modern client, enabling organizations to take advantage of ongoing investments in the cloud.

The Ingres database is currently in use by more than 3,000 customers around the world, including Lufthansa Systems, The Irish Office of Revenue Commission, and Capita Software Services. Ingres 12.0 builds on the rich history of Ingres, one of the first ever relational database management systems (DBMS) that began as a research project at UC Berkeley in the 1970’s. 

Actian came to guide the development of Ingres, and in 2017 announced Ingres as the first natively integrated hybrid database, designed to manage transactional, analytic, and hybrid data workloads from a single database. In 2023, Actian introduced Ingres as a co-managed service in the cloud, a pivotal move to help customers modernize their applications with the power of the cloud, while also preserving their software and data investments.

The newest Actian Ingres 12.0 is designed to help customers deliver on their modernization goals. It reflects Actian’s vision to develop solutions that customers can trust, are flexible to their specific needs, and are easy-to-use. 

About Actian

Actian makes data easy. We deliver cloud, hybrid, and on-premises data solutions that simplify how people connect, manage and analyze data. We transform business by enabling customers to make confident, data-driven decisions that accelerate their organization’s growth. Our data platform integrates seamlessly, performs reliably, and delivers industry-leading speeds at an affordable cost. Actian is a division of HCLSoftware.


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