Allegheny Healthchoices Automates the Flow of Patient Data with Actian DataConnect

PALO ALTO, Calif. – November 5, 2019 – Actian, a leader in hybrid data management, cloud data warehouses and data integration technology, today announced that Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc., a behavioral health services agency, has selected Actian DataConnect integration software to streamline its existing manual data integration process in order to automate time-consuming tasks and reduce overall operational costs.

Behavioral health data is incredibly time-sensitive, and Allegheny County wanted a third-party nonprofit to oversee, monitor and facilitate the flow of critical Medicaid data between stakeholders. To address this request, Allegheny HealthChoices (AHCI) needed a data infrastructure that would enable the organization to ingest large amounts of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) files at scale, including claims and program data. Actian DataConnect transforms the diverse set of files to be filtered into AHCI’s data warehouse so they can be syndicated or distributed to a broad array of downstream healthcare providers, payers, and government agencies.

Since its inception, AHCI has relied on Actian DataConnect to power data exchange for running its day-to-day business operations. Early on, AHCI made the strategic decision to use Actian to automate file transformations to streamline electronic data exchange operations, thus freeing essential resources to focus on delivering superior patient outcomes and innovative projects aimed at strategic growth initiatives.

­”We receive a large number of files daily from multiple customers that need to be processed quickly, and we wanted to automate the whole process,” said Jody Wright, Manager of Applications and Data Systems at Allegheny HealthChoices. “We found that DataConnect was easy to use, processed the files quickly and we were able to automate the file processing. This allowed us to transform the data and load it into our own data warehouse seamlessly.”

AHCI provides technology consulting and training, sharing best practices with other vendors in the behavioral health space. In the future, they hope to expand the model developed in Allegheny County to other counties in Pennsylvania as well as other states throughout the country.

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About Allegheny HealthChoices
Allegheny HealthChoices, Inc. (AHCI) was formed in 1999 by Allegheny County, PA to monitor the transition of Medicaid-funded behavioral health services to a managed care environment. Over time, AHCI’s role has evolved from one of monitoring and oversight to that of a partner and consultant in system planning and evaluation, project management, data management and analysis, and recovery. Today, they work with other agencies and organizations to ensure that people have ready access to recovery-oriented, high-quality behavioral health services, and they help build capacity so that systems are able to respond to change and continuously improve. Allegheny’s mission is to assure equitable access to quality, cost-effective behavioral health care that promotes positive clinical outcomes, recovery, and resiliency.


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