Actian Unveils Ingres NeXt Initiative at Actian Hybrid Data Conference 2021

PALO ALTO, Calif. – May 25, 2021 – Actian, a leader in hybrid cloud data analytics, today announced its Ingres NeXt initiative, the latest innovation for Ingres users looking to modernize their mission-critical applications while also laying a pathway to migrate to the cloud. The news comes at the start of Actian’s Hybrid Data Conference, a global virtual event focused on the future of the data-driven enterprise.

Actian’s Ingres software is a proven, relational database management system featuring enterprise-class performance, reliability, stability, cost-effectiveness, and support. Thousands of organizations across the retail, transportation, financial services, manufacturing, and government sectors have built mission-critical applications using Ingres, representing years of technological and business logic investment.

Today’s announcement features two key components: A new version of Actian’s OpenROAD™ 4GL application development environment and support for Ingres software as a fully managed service in the cloud. This new innovative offering will directly leverage Actian’s Avalanche Hybrid Data Platform with multi-cloud support. While both are designed to be used independently and power business value delivery, the offerings have been developed to work synergistically together, furthering Actian’s commitment to helping customers modernize their data environments without disruption to business operations.

“We’re excited to bring this breakthrough offering to our Ingres software customer base,” said Lewis Black, CEO at Actian. “We’ve seen how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of cloud technologies. Actian’s Ingres cloud offering and our new OpenROAD offering will enable our customers to seamlessly begin their own journey to the cloud and modernize their existing technology stacks while maintaining the level of reliability and support they’ve come to expect from Ingres.”

In a recent customer survey, Actian found that a significant portion of its Ingres software customers have a strong desire to move to a public cloud within the next two to three years. To aid them in their journey, Actian developed an Ingres cloud service to preserve their current software investments while modernizing their applications to harness the power of the cloud. With multiple migration pathways, organizations can take this journey at their own pace in a way that makes the most sense for their unique environments and business needs.

All Ingres customers will have the flexibility of choice, leveraging Actian’s multi-cloud strategy, as this innovative new offering is delivered in a cloud native format leveraging Docker, Kubernetes, and HELM to maximize performance and flexibility on the Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and AWS.

“Whether a business is looking to modernize its heritage applications on Linux platforms or migrate its on-premises applications to the cloud, the need for this kind of solution has never been more paramount,” said Ralf Schlosser, Director, Head Service Bureau & Projects at Finastra. “Often adopting new capabilities can expose an organization to unforeseen risk and disruption. Actian’s elegant approach will preserve the thousands of hours of software development investment while enabling our company to take advantage of a new era of agile cloud-based computing.”

This new offering is paired with a new release of Actian’s award winning 4GL OpenROAD development environment, enabling organizations to migrate their existing application business logic effortlessly to modern web and mobile user interfaces, using HTML5 and JavaScript, while encapsulating their business logic in an OpenROAD server. This will enable organizations to preserve many years of application development investment while taking advantage of the flexibility and security of today’s contemporary web and mobile user interfaces. Actian will be partnering with service organizations including HCL Technologies and Diegesis to assist customers along their path to adoption.

“Our enterprise customers have spent years, in some cases decades, developing their data intensive enterprise applications,” said Nick Denning, CEO, Diegesis. “For an organization to successfully adopt new platform capabilities, the ability to preserve their software investment is critical. Actian’s Ingres NeXt initiative’s pragmatic approach makes this new solution offering a winner. We predict strong interest and adoption from our customer base across a multitude of industries.”

Register for free to discover more about the Ingres NeXt initiative and Ingres in the Cloud service at the virtual Actian Hybrid Data Conference, live today in North America and on May 27 in EMEA. Follow the Transactional Database Innovations track to get the latest information on Actian’s Ingres roadmap, strategy, and rollout.

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