Actian Transforms IoT With Next Gen Embedded Database Platform

PALO ALTO, Calif. – January 18, 2018 – Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, today announced new multi-platform editions of the industry leading Actian Zen Embedded database solution family designed to address the demanding scale-down and scale-out requirements of data-centric IoT solutions. This innovative offering provides the industry with the first enterprise-ready embedded database solution that works across gateways and edge devices, giving developers a seamless experience when moving data from edge to edge across the enterprise.

Designed for the IoT Era

Historically, developers targeting gateway and edge devices had to work with multiple databases and data management solutions on each application, which required custom data transformation and integration code for each pair of databases. Compounding the problem, the typical enterprise involves many different types of databases, operating systems and hardware architectures, making a true hybrid data system very difficult to build, deploy and maintain. The result is slower development cycles, high support costs and increased complexity. Actian Zen’s technology breakthrough delivers a common data type and file format across a wide range of platforms – from the edge to the gateway to the enterprise – eliminating the need for customized Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) and integration code and enabling developers to focus on creating value-add application features.

“IoT environments often suffer from being highly fragmented and disjointed, and there is certainly a market need to bring some data unification to these IoT systems,” said Jim Curtis, Senior Analyst for the Data Platforms and Analytics Channel at 451 Research. “With Actian’s history in the database and data management space and with its recent Zen IoT offering, the company is positioned well to focus on the fragmented nature of IoT deployments, leading to reduced friction and better performance overall.”

Actian Zen IoT Database Family

The Actian Zen database family now adds two new platform offerings, Actian Zen IoT Server and Actian Zen IoT Core, as well as support for several new operating systems to provide the perfect database solution for endpoint device and edge/gateway applications. The Actian Zen IoT Server, database for the gateway, enables developers targeting low-cost platforms, like Raspberry Pi or other single board computers, to easily develop and address edge and gateway applications. Actian Zen IoT Core, which supports the popular Android and iOS mobile operating systems features an embeddable runtime library that can be integrated into mobile device applications.

“With the rise of IoT and the increase of data needs and complexity, Actian Zen is focused on making it much easier for developers to focus on innovation with the  speed of development,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO and President of Actian. “Making developers’ daily lives easier is important to us. This announcement is the first of many to come from Actian in support of IoT developers in 2018.”

“We really like the direction Actian is taking with its new line of Zen IoT products. Being able to have a common data format throughout our flagship Integrated School Management Platform offering will give us more time to develop and deliver innovative platform updates to our customers,” said André Beauchamp, President and Founder of Plurilogic. “We have been working with Actian for years, using Zen for our on-premises and cloud components of our platform. We are looking at Zen IoT Core for our new mobile application, Pluriportail, which will allow us to get rid of custom ETL code and extend our offline capabilities. That’s a big win for us.”

The Actian Zen zero-dba, SQL and NoSQL, embeddable, nano footprint database delivers business critical applications to customers with low or no IT environments. Actian also provides other key components to power the enterprise IoT ecosystem including Vector high performance scale out analytics, Actian X, the industry’s first native enterprise hybrid database and DataConnect integration hub premise and cloud solution.

Actian Zen IoT Server evaluation versions are available immediately with a 500-user developer kit for non-production use and in 100, 250 and 1000-user packs generally available in Q1 CY 2018. Standard installations will be  for up to 10 users per machine. Actian Zen Embedded database is now available on Raspbian (ARM), Windows IoT Core (Intel and ARM), Windows NanoServer (Intel), Linux (ARM and Intel), Windows (Intel) and Mac OS (Intel).

To learn more about the Actian Zen embedded database solution family, visit here. The Actian Zen IoT Core edition is planned for availability in Q2 CY 2018.

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