Welcome to Btrieve 12 Product Catalog Registration!

The Btrieve 12 Limited Distribution License requires license holders who wish to distribute Btrieve 12 with their applications to register the applications in the Btrieve 12 Product Catalog. Please use the form below to register the products with which you will be distributing Btrieve v12. Be sure to include both the product name and version. If you will be distributing Btrieve 12 with more than one version of your product, please list both versions.

To add new products to an existing registration, just use the same serial number as your earlier submission and list the new applications.

You will receive an email confirming your Btrieve 12 Product Catalog registration. Please save the email as proof of registration.

If you have questions about the Btrieve 12 Limited Distribution license please send us an email at dbcic@actian.com.

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