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Welcome Pradeep Bhanot to Actian Marketing!

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October 23, 2017

Welcome Pradeep Bhanot to Actian Marketing!

Pradeep loves to write about technology, which will come in handy as he manages product marketing for our analytics portfolio. He has been up close and personal with database technology as first a DBA for DB2, then as an Oracle sales engineer and product manager. Earlier in his career he even coded in IBM mainframe assembly language! He has never strayed far from his experience working to make his customers more successful. Ask him about his experience using drones for supply chain management, which is a great example of one of the IoT application areas he has worked in. His greatest satisfaction comes from explaining complex product features in a compelling way to business users.

Outside of work, Pradeep has a focus on cameras, cars, and chess. His career has taken him back and forth between the UK and the US, and he hopes to retire into the Berkshire countryside one day. Please welcome Pradeep to the Actian team!

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Actian is helping businesses build a bridge to a data-defined future. We’re doing this by delivering scalable cloud technologies while protecting customers’ investments in existing platforms. Our patented technology has enabled us to maintain a 10-20X performance edge against competitors large and small in the mission-critical data management market. The most data-intensive enterprises in financial services, retail, telecommunications, media, healthcare and manufacturing trust Actian to solve their toughest data challenges.