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Why Actian Data Platform and DataConnect are Better Together … Part 3

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December 9, 2019

How Actian Data Platform and DataConnect Work Together to Deliver an End-to-End Data Management Solution

Migrating to a cloud data warehouse makes strategic sense in the modern context of cloud services and digital transformation. Operationally, connecting disparate data sources into your cloud data warehouse, managing ongoing change in your IT environment, and delivering on the promises of real-time operational data is more complicated.  This is the final part of a 3-part series on how the Actian Data Platform (formerly Avalanche) and Actian DataConnect integration platform work together to help companies realize the cloud data warehouse vision faster by reducing the complexities of managing data connections to source systems.

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Two terms that are critically important when you are looking for a modern cloud data warehouse solution are – “connected” and “real-time.”  A data warehouse that sits over on the side of your IT environment by itself isn’t going to help you in the fast-moving data-driven world of modern business.  You need a system that can quickly ingest information from all your operational data sources and process them into actionable data insights to drive your business processes. Actian DataConnect and Actian give you that end-to-end data management solution.

Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse to Enable a Connected Company

One of the biggest challenges for IT departments is managing the diverse set of data sources across the company and combining the data to assemble the “big picture” data insights that your digitally transformed business processes demand.  As technology advances, new devices, new SaaS applications, and new mobile apps are being introduced all over your company. This is an exciting development because it means your users have better tools at their fingertips to innovate, optimize and evolve your business to capture new opportunities. It’s a scary development for your IT staff because they are the ones tasked with managing your enterprise information and ensuring that the data collected and created across the company is made available for analysis and decision-making.

You need a connected data warehouse that does not sit alone on an island but instead is connected to all of the different systems that exist within your company – collecting and aggregating data, reconciling and organizing it into meaningful information in real-time, and synthesizing it back out in the form of analytical insights and data feeds that can be consumed by your staff, and other systems.

The Actian Data Platform is Actian’s next-generation cloud data warehouse solution, giving you the processing power that your business needs. Actian DataConnect enables you to integrate Actian with everything else in your IT ecosystem so data can flow smoothly, securely and confidently from source to consumption. Leveraging these tools, your connected data warehouse can break down data siloes between business functions, enable strategic analysis and real-time actionable insights, help you optimize your operations, and expose opportunities to capture new market opportunities.

Real-Time Data Leads to Business Agility

Business and IT leaders have talked a lot about enterprise business agility over the past few years. They understand that their environment is changing fast, and to survive and thrive; they need systems and business processes that can evolve and meet the ever-increasing demands of a data-driven enterprise. The key to achieving business agility is managing your data in a way that minimizes the time it takes to get data from your source systems across the company to the people and systems that need to consume them. Digital transformation is all about leveraging technology and data in new ways to make business processes more effective and efficient. Where the real value can be captured is by enabling these new digital business processes to operate in real-time. As soon as something happens or changes in your environment, that event needs to be visible to the people who need to act upon it.

Actian DataConnect gives you the tools to connect your various IT systems into your Actian data warehouse. This is a good thing, but what is really exciting is what you can do once the connections are made. As new data and events flow into Actian, real-time analytics, triggers and business rules can be applied to process, interpret and disseminate actionable insights across your company.

Imagine a new customer order is booked and immediately your entire supply chain knows about it and can adapt. What if a major snow-storm hits and you need to change staffing schedules, re-route your logistics networks and adjust your financial forecasts? With the real-time data analytics that Actian can provide, you can remove the data processing and replication delays and enable insights to flow freely across your organization. The faster you know about something, the faster you can react and the faster you can adapt to mitigate risks and exploit business opportunities.

Actian DataConnect and Actian Data Platform provide you the modern, connected, real-time data warehouse solution that modern businesses need to thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Yes, delivering the promise of real-time operational data is complicated and can be difficult. With Actian, it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and the right partner, you can unlock the value potential of digital transformation and achieve real business agility that leads to a sustainable competitive advantage.

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