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Marketing Agility Through Real-Time Analytics

Actian Corporation

June 24, 2020

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Today’s marketplace is complex and competitive, and changes quickly. New competitive products and services are entering the market every day. Customer preferences shift with social trends and pricing dynamics continuously evolve. To win in this type of environment, marketing agility is critical to identify opportunities and threats and to respond to them quickly – this requires data. The key to enable marketing agility is real-time analytics. The question you must ask is “Do your marketers have the tools they need to succeed?”

Real-Time Market Insights

In a highly dynamic marketplace, conditions can change frequently, and without notice. Competitors adjust their offerings (new features, price changes, promotions, etc.). Customers influence each other’s preferences through social media discussions and reviews. Media coverage causes wide swings in customer sentiment about both your product and your company. Each of these forces represents a potential opportunity or threat to your marketing efforts.

Real-time marketing analytics is a powerful tool to monitor your business environment, listen to the chatter and identify when action is required. The faster you identify the change and respond to it, the better outcome you will be able to achieve. Actian can help you quickly learn when to adjust and adapt to changes in the market or your customer base.

Develop Personalized Marketing Campaigns

Customers want to feel like you understand and care about them as individuals. Help your company be noticed in a crowded market and capture more wallet share by deploying effective, innovative, and highly personalized campaigns informed by deep analysis. Traditional campaign optimization models use limited samples of transactional data, which can lead to incomplete customer views. Actian allows you to connect to a wide variety of diverse data sources, including social media and competitors’ Websites in real time to learn which competitive offerings are gaining traction in the marketplace. Web-purchasing patterns and call center text logs stored on Hadoop provide valuable insights into customer interactions. Marketing and campaign data ensure any recommended actions comply with company goals, rules, and regulations.

By combining these data sets, your marketing team will be able to develop a richer understanding of your customer’s needs, motivations, influences, and buying behaviors. These insights can then be used to develop targeted market segmentations and personalized marketing campaigns that speak directly to the target customer. Actian helps you build, test and deploy campaigns with rapid succession. Real-time analytics enables your marketing team to monitor the effectiveness of these campaigns, adjust to market dynamics and fine-tune messaging for peak performance.

Achieve Results

With your customer scores and optimized lists in hand, you can design innovative campaigns that allow you to create and sustain a competitive advantage. Increase campaign revenue and minimize marketing costs by focusing your resources on opportunities that will create the most value. Increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty by demonstrating that you understand their needs and are focused on solving their problems. Improve your product development processes and supply chain by providing marketing insights upstream that lead to better products and services.

The real-time analytics provided by Actian Data Platform can help your marketing team succeed in a highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment. Identify opportunities faster and achieve first-mover advantage. Neutralize threats through decisive action to prevent encroachment by competitors into your customer base. To learn how Actian can help your company achieve marketing agility powered by real-time cloud-based analytics, visit

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