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The Start of Something Really Big

Actian Corporation

April 17, 2017

It is rare in life that one gets an opportunity to step back, take a fresh look and reset one’s mission and trajectory. For Actian, today is such a day, as we launch a new vision, a new product solution portfolio and of course, a new tagline. Got to have a new tagline! Although time will tell whether we have hit the mark, I can safely say that we are excited to reveal our new thinking and shine a bright light on it for all the world to see.

Our new vision is built on three observations:

1. The World is Flat
It is an incontrovertible fact that data is “flattening” within organizations today. Diverse data is being created and consumed in every corner of a company and across its data ecosystem. Increasingly, the traditional one-place-for-everything data warehouse and today’s centralized data lake just seem like old tired thinking.

2. Data is a Social Animal
Data doesn’t like to live alone – to be effective, data needs to live in an ecosystem that is constantly changing and expanding as it is touched by entities both within and outside a company’s four walls. To truly extract insight from data, one needs context, and that context more often than not comes from other applications, processes, and data sources.

3. Think Big When You Think of the Cloud
Today, the cloud is much more than a place to deploy apps and data. Although the agility and economics of hybrid cloud computing are compelling, it is just the start. A “true” cloud solution is designed to enable companies to blend together data without physically moving it and derive actionable insight, including machine learning, that can be put to work at the speed of an organization’s business (e.g., make a real-time offer to a customer on your website). The traditional static monthly report, for most companies, has the same value as yesterday’s news – zero!

4. Activate Your Data
It seems clear that now is the time for a simple call to action – a call for organizations to “activate their data.” Forward-thinking companies are applying best-fit design tools and innovative technologies to embrace their data ecosystems to ensure their data makes a difference. Whether it is powering a real-time e-commerce offer, detecting financial fraud before it happens or predicting supply chain disruptions, it is critical that the underlying insight garnered can be acted upon at the speed of a company’s business.

This is a reversal of the traditional thinking that analytics tools dictate to the business what the data can and cannot do. Now, the business dictates what insight is needed—where, when and for whom. If an organization’s IT department can’t address these needs in an economical and agile fashion, then knowledge workers are increasingly finding alternative ways, often through a new generation of SaaS solutions, to get their needs met. Serve or be served…out the door!

Meet a Big Idea – Hybrid Data!
And behind all this new thinking is the powerful new concept of hybrid data. Hybrid data has multiple dimensions, including diverse data type and format, operational and transactional data, self-service access, external B2B data exchange and hybrid cloud deployment. Our view is simple – all data needs to be viewed as hybrid data that can be joined and blended with other data across an enterprise’s data ecosystem by anyone at any point in time. It is only when an organization can adopt this progressive approach that it can address the inherent limitations of traditional monolithic data repositories (a nice way to say Oracle or SAP) or alternative siloed point solutions.

New Additions to the Actian Data Platform Family
Today we “walk the talk” by announcing two new hybrid data offerings. The first, Actian X hybrid database, is the industry’s first native hybrid database. It is built with proven Ingres OLTP transactional database technology that has been combined with the industry’s fastest Actian Vector analytics columnar database in a single seamless database offering. Easy to use and easy to run, you can manage and analyze transactional, analytical and hybrid workloads – all through a common SQL language interface and management framework. No need to buy expensive “bolt-on” analytics databases or deal with thorny ETL issues – just run your query and go! Oxford University’s Clinical Trial Service Unit is using Actian X to cure cancer by analyzing a transactional database containing over 2.5B data points. If Actian X can help defeat cancer, what can it do for your organization?

Our other new offering is Actian DataConnect 11 which provides seamless integration capabilities within the enterprise and to the industry’s most popular cloud data sources, including Salesforce, NetSuite and ServiceNow. A priority for this new version of DataConnect was to make upgrading easy-as-pie, which we accomplished with our zero-migration architecture. You can deploy DataConnect 11 and use all your existing maps and workflows with zero changes. That means upgrading to this new feature-rich edition of DataConnect can be done literally in minutes vs. months. Check out information about our new arrivals at

In an industry that is typically full of hype, Actian’s new beginning featuring our hybrid data vision brings refreshing relief for companies that want to become data-driven in a pragmatic way that makes a material difference to their customers, partners and employees without breaking the bank or becoming locked in to a single vendor. Check out our new website today and tell us what you think. We are just getting started driving the next shift in computing – for us it’s the start of something really big!

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