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Reusable Templates and Macros for Actian’s Hybrid Integration Manager

Actian Corporation

November 3, 2017

Actian Zen Hybrid Integration Manager - Performance testing production workloads for Ingres and Vector.

It’s a pretty exciting time to be a User Experience Designer here at Actian! We are working on some great new features for Hybrid Integration Manager and I wanted to share with you two features that really promote reusability. Reusability is a reoccurring theme that we have heard from you, our customers, that we wanted to address.

  1. Templates represent a reusable configuration with instructions for running your DataConnect job including a package, macros and if the job should execute on Actian’s DataCloud or on-premises through an Agent. Start by creating a new template and upload the DataConnect package that you would like to execute.Hybrid Integration Manager Template and ConfigSelect the DataConnect package and entry point and set other integration instructions that are required to run your DataConnect job.

    Now you are ready to start creating configurations. Configurations inherit values from the template so you can simply execute the configuration or choose to override specific instructions making a configuration fully customizable. By using templates as a best practice, it makes managing multiple configurations simpler.

  2. Macros represent a macro management repository that you can store and reuse macros within any template or configuration providing configurable inputs to the integrations without code changes.

These features are available now so give them a try! We would love to hear your feedback!

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