Real-Time Decision Making with Actian X – EMEA

On-demand webinar

Real-Time Decision Making with Actian X

Traditional OLTP systems are built for throughput. Data Warehouses provide operational reporting and analytics, but the data isn’t always up to date enough to allow organizations to react to fast changing markets, competitive situations and customer needs. Traditional batch-ETL processes fed from legacy systems don’t always deliver fresh data.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • New ways to perform near real-time analysis without traditional ETL processes
  • New approaches to provide fast analytics without slowing down OLTP systems
  • How Actian’s analytics engine achieves breakthrough performance without tuning or resorting to OLAP cubes or pre-computed views

Why you should attend: 

  • Learn about a new Hybrid OLTP and Analytic database technology  
  • Watch a migration in action 

On-demand webinar



Alex Hanshaw

Director of Engineering at Actian

Alex Hanshaw is a Director of Engineering at Actian with more than 20 years of experience building innovative solutions for customers’ complex business problems. Alex joined the Ingres Sustaining Engineering team in 1997 and solving customer problems remains a priority for Alex in his current role managing the Actian X, Ingres & Vector Engineering & Sustaining Engineering teams. Alex also runs the Actian DataFlow development team.


Pradeep Bhanot

Director of Product Marketing at Actian

Pradeep’s focus at Actian is on database solutions. Pradeep has worked with databases since 1984, starting with IBM VSAM, SQL/DS and DB2. During his 13 years at Oracle, Pradeep held several technical and business roles in the UK and California. Since 2002 Pradeep has been worked with Microsoft SQL Server and Actian’s record-breaking Vector columnar analytic database. 

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