Actian Integration Solutions
For NetSuite

The solution for scalable, frictionless and easy-to-use integration
and data exchange between NetSuite and Salesforce.

Actian For NetSuite

With Actian, you can now seamlessly integrate your NetSuite ERP with Salesforce data, unlocking the value of cloudbased applications for your business. By integrating and automating the process, the Actian Salesforce Connector for NetSuite is used by more than 1,000 companies to provide a 360-degree view of customer data throughout the lead to cash to contract renewals process. With real-time data synchronization, Actian provides immediate visibility into payment, sales orders, invoices and inventory data all within Salesforce.




As a business grows and needs change, the NetSuite Connector for Salesforce by Actian allows you to scale without limitations



Our connector enables you to seamlessly integrate your NetSuite ERP with Salesforce CRM



Removes the complexity of typical integrations between enterprise software apps and real-time data synchronization, ensuring your data is always up to date


The integrated Actian solution manages the implementation process, including use case verification, implementation, testing, training and support. This allows you to quickly derive value from the award-winning NetSuite platform, generate new revenue and gain new insights about your business and customers.


“With Actian, our growing customer base can harness the power of all of their data, securely and rapidly.”

– Guido Haarmans, NetSuite

Why Actian for NetSuite

  • Seamless data integration from NetSuite ERP to Salesforce CRM
  • Quick and easy install and setup Managed By Actian experts
  • Application-level connectivity
  • Complete lead-to-cash and contract renewal process visibility and integration
  • Up-to-date product catalogs and pricing information
  • Implementation, deployment and support costs are built into your annual NetSuite subscription
  • Built-in data quality features ensure no duplicate records exist in NetSuite or Salesforce

Actian For NetSuite Benefits

  • Real-time data synchronization to maintain data reliability
  • Cost-effective solutions delivered as part of the NetSuite implementation process
  • Customizable fields and processes based on company workflow
  • Sync contacts from Salesforce opportunity into NetSuite so that accounting can follow-up with the correct people
  • No data integration skills are needed – Actian configures, installs and manages the connector
  • Integrations that run in real-time, on-demand or scheduled – managed by Actian’s domain experts
  • Access to key data needed by sales and accounting teams with price synchronization
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