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Kpi Dashboards

I was fortunate enough to attend the Actian Hybrid Data Conference at which Craig Strong, who is Chief Technology and Product Officer at Hubble, talked about how they provide real-time corporate performance management (CPM) though high-speed analytics dashboards. You can watch a video recording of this presentation on the conference sessions page linked here.

For me, the highlight of the presentation was when Craig shared the results of the performance tests they had conducted across a selection of databases including SQLServer, MemSQL, SAP, Presto, Spark and RedShift. I was blown away by just how much faster Actian Vector was in comparison to the other databases. In the chart below I have organized the results so you can see the fastest query times at the top:

Hubble used complex queries against an ERP data set. I am interested to see similar tests against other data sets as the CPU optimization technology Vector uses is equally applicable to a broad range of other analytical use cases.

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