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Introducing Actian X – the new Ingres

Introducing Actian X – The New Ingres

Last week, Actian introduced the the new Ingres – Actian X Hybrid Database, combining the industry-leading Ingres RBMS with the record breaking analytic database Vector. With column-based storage, vector processing, multi-core parallelism (and more), Actian X puts amazing performance in the hands of Ingres developers.

We’ve also bundled two other really big features: 1) the latest release of Actian’s integration solution, DataConnect 11 for Actian X, to extend your application’s connectivity inside and outside of the enterprise, and 2) the Enterprise Monitoring Appliance to keep your Ingres systems available and reliable.

Actian X also includes a long list of geospatial and OLTP updates and Actian has launched DataCloud Backup for Ingres, a tightly integrated (automatically delivers checkpoints and journals), scalable, secure and managed cloud backup service.

Actian Engineering has delivered a fantastic release – we are absolutely thrilled and hope you will be also.

What’s the best way to learn about everything in the newest Ingres? Join us for the Actian X Webinar Series: 5 webinars led by Actian Technical Staff to get you completely up to speed on the new release.

Here is a summary of what’s new:

Vector X 100 in Actian X – Ingres developers now have access to the world’s fastest analytic database (check out the 3,000GB results). Using existing queries and access methods on X100 tables (holding just the data needed for reporting or BI) through the X100 engine means that taking advantage of all that power will be surprisingly simple. The combination of Vector and Ingres in Actian X also enables a new class of applications, operational analytics, that can mix OLTP and analytic queries.

DataConnect included – DataConnect for Actian X is an end-to-end application integration solution for designing and deploying data integration with Ingres applications. The bundle includes a GUI and development engine for designing and testing integrations and a production engine when you’re ready to deploy. Need to expand the reach of your Ingres application? Here’s how.

Enterprise Monitoring Appliance – The Actian Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) helps maintain the health of databases and host systems by monitoring and setting alerts for key system functions like disk usage, I/O performance, transaction log files and network latency. EMA provides early warnings and alerts so problems and potential problems can be quickly resolved.

Cloud Backup Service – Actian DataCloud Backup Service is a scalable, secure managed service for storing and managing Ingres backups. More than file or system backup, the service is designed with tight Ingres integration. Backup agents monitor Ingres for checkpoints and journals, and transfer them to cloud storage automatically ensuring consistent backups and successful restores.

Geospatial – Several geospatial enhancements are included in Actian X, highlighted by the ArcGIS plug-in for ESRI, which enables ArcGIS desktop tools to visualize and manipulate Ingres geospatial data. Added 3D support for R-Tree indexes and in-line geospatial functions improves query performance and greatly simplifies coding for geospatial features.

OLTP – Actian X includes many new performance, ease-of-use and security features. A few of the highlights are: MERGE support, a Reuse heuristic for query optimization, compression of network communications, automatic log file rotation, blob encryption, and much more.

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