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A True Hybrid Platform that Lets You
Migrate on Your Terms

Avalanche is a hybrid cloud data platform that can be deployed on any cloud, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud – on-premises, and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The highly scalable platform helps you incrementally migrate or offload from your existing enterprise data warehouse until it can be retired in a managable fashion – according to your timeframe and your terms. Choose the path that is the best for you – cloud, on-premises, or a combination of both, with a seamlessly architected hybrid solution.

Gain 10-20X
performance improvement at enterprise scale

Avalanche is designed for enterprise-class workloads with high levels of concurrency and query complexity. It delivers up to a 20X performance advantage over legacy data warehouse solutions–at a fraction of the cost. It is uniquely able to perform analytical queries even as the data warehouse is being updated–without adding any latency. Say good-bye to nightly batch loads.

20 Times Performance

Reduce OpEx by
50% and get rid of CapEx altogether

Because Avalanche runs on commodity hardware, its cost profile is significantly lower than that of legacy data warehouses. Avalanche typically reduces operating expense costs (e.g. appliance annual maintenance) by 50% and removes capital expense altogether. You canalso take advantage of cloud economics – turn off compute resources when you choose to and pay only for what you use.

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Reducing Costs

Minimize migration risk with a highly automated, non-disruptive move to Actian

Migrations of terabytes of data, thousands of tables and views, specialized code and data types, and other proprietary impediments doesn’t happen overnight.

The Actian migration service ensures that more than 90% of any custom code written for legacy data warehouses is migrated automatically. We migrate the rest manually by leveraging our trusted partners — making this a risk-free and worry-free exercise for you. Actian also delivers full interoperability with your existing back-end applications, enterprise data repositories, and new data sources.

Migrating from Teradata

Learn the secrets of migration success from the former Head of Big Data Group at Teradata.

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Migrating from Netezza

Learn migration best practices from a former Netezza executive.

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Moving from Netezza to Actian Avalanche

A global bank realized significant improvements in performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) by transitioning to Actian. The bank estimates a total savings of $20 million over five years.

Actian also improved query performance from days to minutes, and lowered TCO with an expected $20M in savings over five years.

Actian simply outperformed the competition in nearly every category, including quickest time to value and fastest response times to market changes.

A global bank risk group achieved fast performance and high scalability when it moved from Oracle Exadata to Actian

The Goals The Results
LOADING 2 billion risk data points in 6 hours (~100k/sec) 1 hour 40 min (333k/sec)
FILTERED AGGREGATION 30 seconds 6 sec on 5 node cluster; 2 sec on 10 node cluster
FULL DAY AGGREGATION Hierarchy dimension on 1 million data points in < 15 sec Sub second response time
LARGE DATA VOLUMES Store 80 days (160 billion rows) of data Store 100 days (200 billion rows) with linear scaling
HORIZONTAL SCALABILITY Up to 10 billion rows per day Text book scalability as nodes added to cluster
DRILL UP/DRILL DOWN < 2 sec < 1 sec

Persistent Myths of Cloud Data Warehouse

by Early Adopter Research



Journey to the Modern Data Warehouse: Actian on Azure

Join speakers from Actian and Microsoft as they demonstrate how Actian Avalanche works with Microsoft Azure technologies to enable enterprises to achieve new levels of analytics performance.



Rethinking Data Warehouse Modernization
featuring James Curtis, Senior Analyst 451, Research

Hear from Jim Curtis, 451 Research’s resident expert on data modernization, along with Raghu Chakravarthi, Actian’s SVP of R&D who formerly ran Teradata’s Big Data Group and Paul Wolmering, VP of Solution Engineering who previously led field engineering teams at Netezza, to get the inside scoop on migration best practices.

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