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Delight your customers with next generation analytics. Jump start your journey with the Actian Customer Analytics Blueprints.


Next Best Action in Three Part Harmony

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Three companies walk into a show. One does Hadoop, one helps people ... continue reading
5 Easy Steps To Solve Your Digital Marketing Challenges Using Big Data Analytics | Watch Video

Actian Analytics Platform – Express 2.0 is here. It’s a...

If you are like many other business intelligence (BI) application users, you avoid asking complex questions of your data because ... continue reading
DEMO: Example of an expanded solution using the Actian Analytics Platform – Hadoop SQL Edition | Watch Video
Coffee At Actian – Jim Cushman, Novetta: Threat Detection | Watch Video

An Analytical Mind: A Smart Interview with Peter Boncz on Ve...

Known as the Father of Vector Database Processing, Peter Boncz is the Senior Research Scientist at Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica ... continue reading
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