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Small Footprint, Zero-maintenance Embedded Database

Actian PSQL is the perfect solution for packaged business applications. It is one of the most reliable, low maintenance, high-performance database management systems in the world. Actian PSQL v12 offers important new features: Online Defragmentation, VM live migration support for all editions, improved Unicode support and an updated PSQL installer. Need an advanced PSQL reporting solution or the perfect start for analytics? PSQL v12 Server and PSQL Vx Server 12 both include a license for the Actian Analytics Platform for PSQL.  The three editions of PSQL meet a wide range of business needs: PSQL Workgroup (1-5 users), PSQL Server (6-500 users) or PSQL Vx (unlimited users, licensed for SaaS).

PSQL v12 for Mac OS X is Here! Download Now.

Click here to download PSQL presentations from the October 2015 Technical User Group Conference.

PSQL v12

New Features

Defragmentation: PSQL v12 database files can be defragmented without any engine down time. Reads and writes can operate continuously during defragmentation.

Enhanced VM Licensing: VM live migration capabilities have now been expanded to PSQL v12 Server and Workgroup editions. A virtual machine with PSQL v12 Server or PSQL v12 Workgroup can be migrated without invalidating the PSQL v12 license.

Actian Analytics Platform for PSQL: Ready to offload your challenging reporting problems? Thinking about analytics? AAP for PSQL delivers a very high performance solution for both.

PSQL Unicode Support: PSQL v12 expands its multilingual support by providing SQL storage for wide-character data. PSQL v12 provides access to Btrieve data in the form of new relational types NCHAR, NVARCHAR and NLONGVARCHAR and include a new ODBC Unicode Interface driver.

Simplified PSQL Licensing: The PSQL Vx Server 12 edition no longer requires Internet connectivity for operational use, once the product is authorized.

Installer Update: The PSQL v12 installation package will detect the OS bitness and automatically determine the bitness of the PSQL components that need to be installed.

Key Benefits:

  • Defragment PSQL files and improve application performance without taking PSQL applications offline
  • Live migration capability for all PSQL v12 editions means easy management of PSQL applications in VMware and HyperV
  • Dramatically increase reporting performance and get started on BI and analytics
  • Easier globalization of PSQL applications
  • Simpler installs on 64- and 32-bit platforms
  • No ongoing Internet connection required for PSQL Vx makes it more suitable for secure environments
  • Backward compatibility with multiple previous versions. No application changes needed to upgrade

PSQL v11

Key Features

Optimized for Multi-core: PSQL v11 is a parallel implementation of PSQL that includes several enhancements for multi-core:

  • Improvements to low level synchronization mechanisms in the transactional interface
  • Multiple users can read the same cached file pages simultaneously and their operations can proceed on multiple cores
  • Multiple users accessing independent files can proceed on different cores
  • Non-user activity such as checkpoint and log management can use additional cores

Full 64-bit: PSQL v11 supports the Btrieve and ODBC interfaces on native 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems with 64-bit architecture

Backup Agent and VSS Support: PSQL v11 offers two choices for managing backups. A Backup Agent license is included with each PSQL v11 Server license and PSQL v11 Server for Windows includes support for Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS).

Simple License Administration: Per machine pricing. No counting CPUs or cores. And, the PSQL v11 License Administrator offers several new features including self-service repair, license alert messages and troubleshooting tips.

Key Benefits:

  • Multi-core performance without changing your application
  • Improved scalability, more users, cores and processing power
  • Better backup with Actian Backup Agent and VSS support
  • Simple transition to IPv6
  • Updated developer tools – 8 developer access methods
  • Backward compatibility with multiple previous versions. No application changes needed to upgrade

Actian PSQL Competitive Advantages

Large Database Features at an Affordable Price: Cost-effective PSQL offers full security, encryption, management and monitoring tools, plus a host of other features you would expect to see in much more expensive DBMS products.

Stability and Reliability: There’s no doubt why the Windows desktop accounting market uses PSQL as the database of choice. PSQL’s solid reputation is based on rock solid reliability.

Backwards Compatibility: Actian has over a 30-year history of delivering reliable database upgrades. PSQL delivers years of backward compatibility making moves to new versions a snap.

What we mean by Zero DBA

Set it and forget it. Most small and midsized businesses don’t have a DBA. Or an IT department. Actian PSQL is built specifically for environments where users don’t have the resources or the inclination to manage a database. Actian PSQL installations are simple, quick and can be completely hidden from the end user. We don’t require consultants and don’t need constant DBA supervision. Actian PSQL just runs, and runs, and runs.

Thinking About Cloud or SaaS? You Need PSQL Vx.

If your application is running on a VM as part of a public, private or hybrid cloud, or if your application is deployed in a way that you don’t want to count or can’t count users, Actian PSQL Vx Server is the right choice.

  • Unlimited Users – PSQL Vx is licensed by the amount of data-in-use (from 5GB to an unlimited license)
  • SaaS Enabled – PSQL Vx is licensed for use in a SaaS function. No user counts, no processor counts.
  • Application Compatibility – No changes required for existing PSQL applications
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