Actian’s Ingres is a leading, enterprise-grade database management system designed to reduce IT costs and time-to-value, while delivering the strength and features expected from an enterprise- class database. Ingres 10.2 is the latest version of the database, containing enhancements that will make it easier to internationalize customer applications. Along with improved performance and reduced configuration overhead, users can take their first steps into big data analytics with the new Window functions.

What’s New in Ingres 10.2

  • Geospatial enhancements – We’ve added eight 2-D (flat earth), twenty-seven 3-D (round earth) and fifteen 4-D (2-D and 3-D plus time series) data types and eight linear functions
  • Remote GCA – Permits a GCA client process to connect to a remote installation without requiring a Name Server or Communications Server to be running in the client installation
  • UTF-8 Transliteration – Mapping between UTF-8 and non-UTF-8 character sets
  • DBMS Level Authentication – Removes the need to add an operating system user every time a new user needs database access
  • IPv4 and IPv6 Data Types and Functions – IPV4 and IPV6 store host addresses in binary format
  • Per-Query Parallelism Level – Set explicit parallelism level for individual queries
  • Window Function Syntax – A great way to get started with simple analytics

Out-of-the-box spatial management

Incorporate spatial data alongside your transactional data within a single repository and remove the barriers for managing spatial data types using a file-based approach. Now you can manage spatial data as part of a transaction, and share data in spatial cases with a platform for development of modern applications.

Ingres 10.2 Benefits

  • 50 new geospatial data types
  • Simple introduction to analytics with Window functions
  • Reduced configuration overhead
  • Query parallelization
  • Simpler internationalization
  • 12 new SQL functions

Ingres 10.2 Supports

  • ESRI’s ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Safe Software’s FME
  • GeoTools Library
  • GeoServer, and more…
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