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Ten Great Reasons to Upgrade to Actian Zen from SQLite

SQLite is ubiquitous in mobile and web apps as a simple data cache.  It’s a quick and dirty way to replace reliance on file systems and provides SQL capabilities across a multitude of platforms.  Unfortunately, modern Edge data management applications such as IoT need far more than SQLite.

With Actian Zen, developers and product managers get the simplicity and universal applicability to embed in most any popular programming language, targeting almost any platform but in a powerful, secure, and scalable engine that can run serverless or as a client-server.

Here’s three of the ten reasons:

  • Single architecture for clients and servers.
  • Full ANSI SQL and a NoSQL API to the same underlying engine.
  • Support for time-series and larger JSON/BLOB data sets.

If you’re considering Edge data management for IoT, complex machinery, or need remote field client-server capability without DBA support or tuning, this is the solution for you. 

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