The Actian Guarantee

The Actian Cloud Data Platform Guarantee

Actian Cuts Your Snowflake Bill in Half.

The latest GigaOm benchmark study shows Actian with a 6x price-performance advantage over Snowflake.

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Actian Cloud Data Platform:
Hybrid Cloud Data Warehouse Built for Performance

The Actian Cloud Data Platform (formerly Avalanche) is a fully managed hybrid cloud data warehouse service designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user, and query complexity.

Its innovative architecture maximizes compute, memory and disk efficiency and ultimately provides high-speed analytics in less time and at a much lower cost.

With the Actian Cloud Data Platform, you can do more with less.

Actian vs Snowflake

Three Ways Actian Can Cut Your Bill In Half

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Superior Price-Performance

Our cloud cost meter runs 6x slower than Snowflake.  Our advantage gets even better with more users and data volume.

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Cloud and On-Premise

Keep your sensitive data on-premises. Actian includes an Actian Data Platform on-prem footprint alongside your cloud deployment.

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Native Integration Included

Integration is easy! Actian Data Platform comes with enterprise-class integration that includes over 200 application connectors.

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Not Convinced Yet? Let Our SVP of Engineering Explain How We Deliver Superior Price-Performance

Watch this “At Home” video with Actian’s SVP of Engineering, Emma McGrattan, to learn how Actian’s innovative architecture delivers superior performance at scale—enabling you to cut your cloud data warehouse bill in half.

Analyst Report

“Actian packs a strong punch with Actian as a hybrid data warehouse offering capable of cloud, on-premises and/or hybrid deployments that also includes built-in data ingestion functionality while striking a favorable price-to-performance ratio.”

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Best of Both Worlds: High Performance, Low Cost

Because Snowflake is architected for the abundant resources of the cloud, Snowflake’s inefficient design needs more compute resources to have acceptable performance. This means you’re forced to spin up new clusters every time you add support for more concurrent users. This can double or quadruple your costs when the platform goes into production, resulting in sticker shock that not only hurts your eyes — but also your wallet.

The Actian Cloud Data Platform delivers the best price-performance in the industry because its highly-efficient design takes advantage of the performance features in modern advanced CPUs to maximize compute, storage, and memory resources. Scale up or down as your needs change, but at a much lower and predictable cost than Snowflake.


Your Data Your Way

Actian is a true hybrid platform that can be seamlessly deployed and managed on-premises and across multiple clouds, including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud*. You gain all the benefits of a modern cloud deployment such as elastic and independent scaling of compute and storage while retaining the flexibility to keep on-premises applications for as long as you need. Migrate your apps and data to the cloud at your own pace.

Actian, with its hybrid federated query capability, empowers you to execute a query across both Actian on-premises and cloud data warehouses at the same time without data movement.  Intelligent query execution will send the appropriate query subset, process the data in each warehouse, and only return the result set for final assembly and answer. Dramatically increase your query performance by moving compute to where the data lives.

*Q4 2020 support planned.


Rapidly Deploy Using Native Integration

Actian is the industry’s first and only cloud data warehouse to offer integration capabilities natively built into the product. It enables you to rapidly and inexpensively harness your diverse data sources for use in high performance analytics, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Actian provides connectors and templates for easily sourcing and moving data from SaaS applications to Actian data warehouse at scale—no special ETL is required. It also comes with Universal Connect patented technology that enables you to connect any data source or application. Actian supports data sources on different operating environments; provides one-time, scheduled and real-time data transfers; offers comprehensive security controls; full audit capabilities; and much more.

it's time to make data easy

Moving is easy as 1-2-3. See how Actian automates migration from Snowflake to Actian Data Platform.


Let Actian Data Platform Help Your Business For Half the Cost of Snowflake

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