Vector AI

What is Vector AI?

In the design world, Vector Artificial Intelligence (AI) applies natural language processing (NLP) to create vector graphics. A vectorized image file consists of graphics drawn or rendered using geometric lines that scale without pixelization because the lines are expressed as coordinates on a grid. This allows designers to scale a company logo image from the size of an icon to a giant image in a trade show booth.

In Computer Science, vector processing refers to the ability to parallelize single-threaded operations such as database query processing. AI-based natural language processing allows non-technical users to formulate data requests using a conversational dialog.


Why is Vector AI Important?

AI brings complex reporting and image generation within the reach of people who don’t have IT or design skills because they can use plain English to express their requirements. SQL is difficult to master for most people, but retail store managers can ask AI to tell them what products have reached the replenishment level or are close to their sell-by dates.

In the design space, a printer can provide a JPG or PDF to an AI designer who can convert it into a vector graphic format, the preferred format if you wish to enlarge the image without pixelization. Examples of vector graphic formats include Ai (Adobe Illustrator), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PDF (Portable Document Format), and SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) files.


SQL Database Query Generation

Writing SQL queries can get complex. Using an AI-based chatbot that is familiar with SQL can save a lot of time and effort. Business intelligence (BI) tools can go a step further by using the generated queries to create visuals in addition to tabular results. The chatbot can have a conversation with the user that prompts them for requirements, as in the following example:

  • The chatbot can ask what entities are involved in the query to decide what tables need to be involved.
  • Asking what attributes are of interest tells the chatbot what columns in the base table and joined tables are required.
  • SQL predicates can be requested by prompting for vale ranges or if conditions are true.
  • Users can be prompted for the required groupings for the results.
  • Finally, the sort order can be requested before returning the result set.
  • Appropriate chart formats can be displayed as an optional step.


Vectorized Database Query Processing

Regardless of whether a database query is written with the aid of AI, vector processing has a profound impact on query response times, especially with large data sets. The processing speed of an individual CPU core is constrained by physical limitations such as gap sizes between components and heat dissipation. Manufacturers of server processors have added more CPU cores to individual chips to increase processing power, which does not help single-threaded tasks much.

Vector processing allows all the processors in a clustered server to participate in database query processing. The Actian Vector Database can split a single big query into enough parallel threads to take advantage of all the available CPU cores in every clustered server configuration. Every high-speed CPU cache can be loaded with data and executed with a single instruction to deliver the fastest query speed, even for inefficient operations such as a full table scan, which must read every record in a table. Using columnar storage of the database allows the vector database to skip reading all the table columns not specified in a query. This is why the Actian Vector database engine is so spectacularly fast.


Examples of Vector Graphics Creation Using AI

Below is a sample of ways AI can create vector graphics.

It enables a marketing professional to express in plain English what they need a digital ad to convey. The ad is generated with copy targeted to a specific segmented audience.


An AI drawing generator creates scalable, royalty-free stock images.


Creates AI-generated visual content.

Featuring an AI-generated vector image library and AI vector art generator.


Adobe Illustrator has a new AI vector generator powered by Adobe Firefly that uses text prompts to create fully editable vector graphics.

Mainly used to trace pixels to vectors using AI.


The Actian Data Platform

The Actian Data Platform provides a unified experience for ingesting, transforming, analyzing, and storing data.

The Actian Data Platform provides ultra-fast query performance, even for complex workloads, without tuning using vector processing. This is due to a highly scalable architecture that uses columnar storage with vector processing for unmatched parallelism for query processing.

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