Actian Data Platform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Please see the most commonly asked questions (and answers!) about the Actian Data Platform below.

Yes, you can add additional users from within the Actian Data Platform. Instructions can be found here: Note that General (non Admin) users have limited access granted, which can be expanded by Admin users via the Query Editor. See more information here

Please be aware that there are some limitations. This creates an Actian platform user, but does not automatically create an Actian Community user. If these additional users want to visit the Community, take advantage of Actian Academy training, and more, they’ll need to register as a Community user by visiting:

Sign up by filling out the form on the Actian website. No credit card is required.

The Actian Data Platform is a fully managed service that ensures the highest levels of security including private network isolation, disk and columnar encryption, robust access controls, and 24×7 monitoring. More information on our security policies.

Once your free trial ends, please contact Actian to convert your account to a paid subscription. You can easily reach us using our contact form:

Yes. Visit the Actian Academy to view our library of tutorial videos.

No credit card is required to try the Actian Data Platform.

The Actian trial is free for 30 days or $500 worth of consumption, whichever comes first.

Login to your Actian Data Platform account at

The Actian Data Platform makes data easy! We want to change the way you can connect, manage, and analyze your data. By providing a unified platform that is trusted, flexible, and easy to use you can move from data to decision faster. Learn more by visiting the Actian Data Platform webpage.

Yes! The Actian Data Platform is a full-featured trial. While the platform is populated with sample data, you can bring your own data, add your own integrations and create your own queries.

Sign up by filling out the form on the Actian website. No credit card is required.

The trial will continue for 30 days from the date of signup or until you’ve consumed $500 worth of free credits. Once your trial ends, you will need to contact Actian to convert to a paid account.

What does AU mean?
To provision an Actian warehouse or database, you must specify the size of the warehouse or database in terms of Actian units (AUs). An AU is a logical measure of the computing capacity of the warehouse or database.

Actian collects basic contact data to provide support if needed through your trial experience.

You can contact support if you would like to discontinue your trial.

Yes, we welcome you to view the documentation.

We are dedicated to helping you have a successful trial experience! If you find yourself in need of assistance, please use our contact form and we will have one of our engineers reach out to help you.

Did you know we also have an Actian Community? It offers helpful knowledge base articles, forums where you can get advice from peers, and our Idea Center where you can give your recommendations for future product enhancements.

Here are a few pro tips to help you get the most out of your Actian Data Platform trial.

Tip 1: To maximize your time testing Actian, we recommend that you use the smallest warehouse size necessary. The lower the warehouse size (2AU vs. 4AU), the fewer AU’s will be consumed will help you make the most of your $500 credits.

Tip 2: If you loaded data into the warehouse, stop the warehouse to conserve your compute costs. The Actian platform will automatically stop after 60 minutes of inactivity.