Actian Zen & PSQL licensing support

Do you have an issue with a PSQL/Zen license?

Please send us an email at The more information you can give us the better chance we will have to sort out the license. At a minimum, please include the license key string, vendor number and a description of the problem. To really help us help you, please include:

  • License key string (from the Zen (V14) or PSQL (V13 and below) License Administrator)
  • Vendor # (from the Zen or PSQL License Administrator). Note: If the vendor # is something other than 0, you probably received the software from an Actian PSQL/Zen OEM partner. They will be the best starting place for licensing questions to help make sure that the issue is database and not application related.
  • Current license status (disabled, failed validation, error when authorizing/deauthorizing, users cannot connect, etc.)
  • License error codes or error messages
  • Previous machine names where this key was authorized
  • Name of your company
  • Phone number (if you would like us to call)