Student opportunities in Germany

We are looking for students to join our Vector and DataCloud teams in Ilmenau or Hamburg. Candidates will work on cutting-edge data processing engines, high-performance analytic database kernel or front-end programming. The available tasks cover research, engineering and quality assurance. We are looking for team players that can work independently in a distributed development team.



An internship with us may last from 3 to 12 months. For each internship, we provide a tailored project to research, design and implement a new functionality into our database products. You will be working in one of our agile teams covering a wide variety of tasks.

Masters topics

In coordination with your university’s examination office and your collaborating professor we will define a master’s project tailored to your needs and based on our available thesis topics. We will assist you to get started and provide support throughout your thesis project.

Part-time jobs

Part-time jobs with us enable you to gain your first work experience and contribute to outstanding database technology. Your tasks will be multifaceted and working hours and times can be defined on a flexible basis.

Available topics

Actian Vector/ Actian Vector in Hadoop:

Within our Vector team we offer a variety of projects around cloud deployment, cluster based distributed data processing with and without Spark, storage extensions for HDFS and Amazon S3, core engine development to improve the raw performance of one of the fastest database engines in the world as well as to extend the supported set of features. The main programming language for all projects will be C. Details on these projects will be available upon request.

Quality Assurance:

The QA team covers many of the products developed by Actian with a strong focus on automation. Tasks in QA include the development of test suites for product features in C, Java and similar languages, as well as work on the test environments. These are heterogenous, ranging from Linux and Windows to Unix and VMS; the setup is distributed and highly virtualised prioritizing wide coverage and test speed.

Front End Web Development:

We are looking for students to join our DataCloud Engineering team in designing and building the front-end portal to our cloud-based services. We are using modern web technologies such as Angular, webpack, JavaScript, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS etc to construct a responsive, lightweight and a highly intuitive front-end application that allows users to interface with our next-gen Cloud Microservices.

Please refer to our careers site to apply directly for our posted position.