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Vector Enterprise Edition Now Available on AWS Marketplace

Actian Corporation

May 8, 2018

AWS Marketplace enterprise edition

Last week we activated Actian Vector Enterprise Edition on the AWS Marketplace, so now it’s easier to tap into the fastest analytic engine in the cloud to extract insights from your big data. We can prove that claim based on independent benchmarks by MCG that you can view here comparing Vector performance to results from other databases on AWS. Try out Vector on your own data and share your results with us to be eligible for recognition and a giveaway. It takes only three simple steps: 1) choose your instance type, 2) select the right size for your number of users, and 3) pick the pricing plan (hourly or annual) and go!

Instance Types

We are offering Vector on a wide range of EC2 instance types, letting you optimize for cost against performance. Economy types rely on Elastic Block Store (EBS) to separate compute and storage to optimize costs, so you can keep your data in EBS and spin up a Vector instance when you only have occasional demands for analytics. Economy configurations also make it easy to change instance types depending on demand, since the data is managed separately on EBS. Enterprise types optimize query performance by providing local storage, including hard disks, solid-state disks, or even NVMe SSDs, to hold some or all of your data. Sport configurations provide better performance with more memory per core.

Instance Sizes

You can also choose from a choice of instance sizes, starting at 4 physical cores and expanding up to 64. We recommend at least 4 cores for each query running simultaneously, which, given the speed of execution, can cover a significant number of active users, depending on the workload and query complexity.

Let’s look at some examples (the color links back to the chart above):

Pricing Plans

To get you started with no risk, we offer a 30-day trial period where the software use is free. Hourly charges don’t start until after you have the chance to load up your data and experience for yourself how fast and easy it is to use Vector to handle ad hoc queries against large data sets. Performance tuning Actian Vector is easy. No indexing, no materialized views, no special tuning required. Just generate statistics to inform the query optimizer or use autostats to have the statistics generated when the data is first queried.  You can get the lowest hourly rate by signing up for an annual pricing plan, which also entitles you to Enterprise support from Actian once you register.

To learn more, visit our product page here or check out our listing in the AWS Marketplace.

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