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The Best Cloud Data Strategy for Value

Actian Corporation

January 29, 2021

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Which Cloud Makes Sense?

Nothing is perfect, but we want to approach perfection with continuous improvement and the management of risk in our business environments. IT capabilities and resources underpin our business environments. On-premise capabilities and cloud capabilities have to deliver a return on investment (ROI) for our efforts and, at the same time, help the organization reduce IT cost. Every cloud is architected differently with a range of functionality, integrations, models, and specific characteristics. Pricing differs based on your cloud data capability choices. To deliver effective and efficient business value in a complex, growing cloud environment requires advanced analytics. Guessing is not an option.

A multi-cloud environment using multiple public cloud services, usually from different service providers, allows the distribution of risk across multiple cloud environments to improve and assure business continuity. Individual cloud environments can have more risks due to the unique service that the provider delivers. Hybrid, which includes public and private, can have value for some organizations but may seem more costly to manage.

In either case, organizations have to be consumer-driven and drive superior experiences for their customers. If a customer cannot access a supplier’s services because of a cloud failure, that supplier is in danger of becoming optional to that customer. Architecting a multi-cloud environment may be the best choice for business continuity, overall cost, and lowering the risk of failure due to your ability to deliver services to the customer.

Cloud Growth for the Customer

Cloud environments have to perform well. The performance of your cloud environment is partially based on how easily you can obtain data and make decisions. Decision insight capabilities have to be real-time and predictive. The data for the entire enterprise has to be integrated to support the mission of the organization. This includes current cloud data and the ability to easily integrate future data platforms.

As your organization grows, so does the data. Dynamic analytics is a must across all environments, especially if you chose a multi-cloud environment. Since each cloud is different, you have to have a common data warehouse solution such as Actian that can address your current cloud architectures and your future cloud initiatives.

Speed, real-time data, performance, and cost are key factors for the empowerment of a data-driven enterprise. Data that each decision-maker can use quickly, in a collaborative real-time fashion that improves the performance of the organization for its customers is mandatory for managing costs, customer experiences, and dynamic decisions.

Services should continuously improve over time, as competition and innovation are never-ending. The use of the cloud will continue to grow, and organizations have to take advantage of the technology growth in the industry. As this happens, customers want more from every company from whom they consume services or products. Cloud growth then becomes synonymous with customer growth. The data will continue to grow, along with the maturity of data management capabilities across all the platforms. Build a strong enterprise data management foundation and select technology to support your current build and future projects.

Improving Performance, Costs, and Value

On-premise capabilities can also play a significant role in managing multi-platform environments. Remember the old saying, “He who owns the gold makes the rules.” This is also true for your data. An on-premises solution leveraged with a cloud solution can help you manage risk to your organization’s data. Keeping sensitive data on-premises and exploit the elasticity of the cloud as a strategic data decision.

 Improving performance and reducing cost always has value to an organization. Including risk avoidance brings with it business opportunity values that improve return on investment (ROI) and the overall value of the investment (VOI) for the organization. Empowering a data-driven enterprise with cost-effective solutions for data analytics anytime and anywhere is a good investment for managing risks.

Building Knowledge for Decisions

The decision support foundation strategy that is set for business intelligence and analytics is important. The key is building on a great platform for supporting cloud intelligence and analytics that services your current needs and is positioned for the future. The technology that you choose has to be built with the following capabilities.

  • Real-time decision making.
  • The ability to manage all clouds.
  • The ability to support existing on-premises data.
  • The ability to easily integrate enterprise data.
  • High performance and low cost.

Data empowers decisions and has to be enabled and empowered with leading technology.

Actian is a fully managed hybrid cloud data warehouse service designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user, and query complexity – at a fraction of the cost of alternative solutions.

Actian is a true hybrid platform that can be deployed on-premises as well as on multiple clouds, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, enabling you to migrate or offload applications and data to the cloud at your own pace.

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About Actian Corporation

Actian is helping businesses build a bridge to a data-defined future. We’re doing this by delivering scalable cloud technologies while protecting customers’ investments in existing platforms. Our patented technology has enabled us to maintain a 10-20X performance edge against competitors large and small in the mission-critical data management market. The most data-intensive enterprises in financial services, retail, telecommunications, media, healthcare and manufacturing trust Actian to solve their toughest data challenges.