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Is Now the Right Time to Modernize Your Data Warehouse?

Actian Corporation

October 29, 2019

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Technology is continually changing and determining the right time to upgrade and modernize can be tricky. If you adopt new technology too soon, this may result in churn within your organization and the implementation of immature solutions that may not meet your needs. If you wait too long, you miss out on market opportunities and productivity gains that new technology can bring to your business. When it comes to data management and data warehouse solutions, right now is the best time to move forward on modernization.

Legacy Data Warehouse Systems are Aging

If you are using an on-premises data warehouse solution, your data center hardware and storage solutions require continual monitoring, maintenance, and upgrades. Also, this equipment might be reaching the end of its serviceable life. Replacing this infrastructure requires costly capital investment and possibly locking yourself into legacy/on-premises solutions for the next 5 -10 years.

With the rapid pace of business and technology change, do you really want to lock yourself into a legacy solution for that long? Cloud-based infrastructure is more cost-effective, scalable, and flexible, enabling you to establish a new and modern data foundation to support your company’s evolving needs.

Modern Data Warehouse Solutions Are Mainstream Tech

Many companies are wary of being early adopters of new technology. Vendors tend to over-sell and under-deliver their solutions, and bugs and feature deficiencies can offset new/emerging technical capabilities. Cloud-based data warehouse solutions have emerged from the early growth stage and have now normalized into stable and reliable mainstream technology suitable for supporting businesses large and small. Data warehouses like Actian Data Platform are available on-premises, on multiple cloud environments including Azure and AWS, giving companies choices in their cloud strategy.

Data warehousing and analytics aren’t just about the warehouse. You also need to get data into and out of the data warehouse easily. Integration solutions like Actian DataConnect provide the tools to manage the connections and the flow of data between your business systems and existing platforms and your cloud data warehouse solution.  This integrated approach allows you to be able to modernize both your core warehouse platform and data integration strategy at the same time.

Flexibility to Adjust Capacity to Minimize Waste

One of the biggest challenges of legacy data warehouses was the need to pre-purchase capacity to support peak business processing and then have those resources be under-utilized most of the time. This happens because compute capacity varies based on business seasonality. Storage capacity is continuously growing. A modern data warehouse solution enables you to separate your compute and storage capabilities.

Allowing you to optimize capacity based on actual utilization to control costs and avoid wasted resources. Your finance leaders will like this because it saves the company money. Your business users will like it because it means they can get an extra boost of capacity whenever they need it.

Modern Data Warehouses Enable Analytics for Digital Business Processes

Digital transformation of business processes has been a leading trend in the IT industry for the past few years. As companies embrace new technology-enabled ways of working, many are finding their data analytics capabilities are woefully lacking. New data warehouse platforms can help you develop the rich, enterprise-scale, real-time analytics, and information insights that digital business processes demand.

From the flexible ingestion of data, sourced from across the enterprise to distributed data processing and robust data feeds to fuel analytics and reporting – modern hybrid data warehouses are designed for high-speed, high-performance data processing. If you aren’t moving to a modern data platform, your digital transformation efforts may be at risk over the next few years.

Finding the right time to upgrade and modernize any core IT system requires careful consideration of many factors – technical risk, business need, operational disruption, and foregone opportunities. When it comes to a data warehouse, now is the perfect time to move forward with modernization, and the experts at Actian can help. Actian offers a full suite of modern data management solutions, from cloud-based data warehouse solutions to IPaaS solutions that enable you to integrate data across your enterprise.

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