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How Can the Actian Data Platform Help Me Deliver Real-Time Data Analytics?

Actian Corporation

November 4, 2022

Cloud data warehouse representation of Actian Avalanche

Organizations need to put relevant, trustworthy, and actionable data directly into the hands of their front-line workers and decision-makers, in a manner that improves situational awareness, as change is happening. This empowers users to decide on the best courses of action in the moment. Here’s how you can use our Actian Data Platform (formerly Avalanche) to maximize the business value of your data.

How Can the Actian Data Platform Help Your Business?

The Actian Data Platform provides a trusted, flexible, and easy-to-use data platform for real-time data analytics. This highly scalable platform can be deployed in any cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With built-in data integration, businesses can quickly build pipelines to ingest and transform data from any source, providing accurate, complete, and timely data into the native data warehouse and/or other targets. Businesses grow revenue and improve customer experience by bringing together data from enterprise systems, third-party data sources, and SaaS applications.

Finally, data management is also built-in, enabling organizations to run operational and transactional workloads at scale and to meet enterprise service level agreements (SLAs) for scaling, availability, and usage monitoring. Together, these capabilities empower data consumers to be truly self-service in standing up their analytics solutions, in a single platform with common design-time and runtime experiences.

Delivering Today While Building for the Future

The Actian Data Platform makes data easy so that businesses can connect, manage, and analyze their data to make the most informed, meaningful decisions. This data platform is designed to be the most trusted, flexible, and easy-to-use platform on the market. Here are ways it helps deliver on the promise of real-time data analytics:

  • Accelerated Data Modernization: Quickly ingest data into the platform with a single user interface for self-service integration, analytics, and data management. This enables anyone to be a data practitioner and helps build a data driven culture organization-wide.
  • Superior Price-Performance: Built to maximize resource utilization delivering unmatched performance and an unbeatable total cost of ownership.
  • REAL Real-Time: Patented technology allows real-time updates of a data set without impacting query performance and costs. This allows data consumers to analyze always up-to-date data, thus they are confident they are responding to current reality. This is critical when unpredictable changes impact customers, suppliers, and employees in real-time.
  • Single Platform: One solution for data integration, data management and data analytics lowers risk, cost, and complexity, while allowing easier sharing and reuse across projects than cobbling together point solutions.
  • Flexibility, Deploy Anywhere: Any cloud, hybrid, and on-premises – plus it is API-driven to embed analytics within applications and systems, so that relevant data is delivered in context.
  • Role-Based Security Policies: Reduce the time and effort to comply with data and privacy regulations without compromising the usefulness of data to intended consumers.

Avalanche Cloud Data Platform diagram

Accelerate Your Business with Real-Time Data Analytics

Learn how leading companies across industries use the Actian Data Platform to maximize business value. We also have a new eBook, How to Maximize Business Value with Real-Time Data Analytics, to help you become more successful through strategies and capabilities to make your organization more data-driven.

Learn how a single platform for data analytics, integration and management can accelerate your analytics use cases via the Actian free trial.

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