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High-performance vectorized columnar analytic database

Evaluation Edition

30-day free trial, unlimited storage, with Enterprise support

For Enterprise evaluations:

Query billions of records with extreme performance

Deploy BI faster without risky, complex, and costly EDW projects

Record breaking performance at unbeatable value

Community Edition

Up to 250 GBs, no time limits, with Community support

For Developers:

All the features of the Enterprise Edition

250GBs of uncompressed data – no limits on what you can develop

Community support from the official Actian forums

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Three Ways to Get Actian Vector

How to Choose the Right Product: Enterprise Edition Evaluation Edition Community Edition
Fast vectorized query engine      
Full ANSI SQL:2003 plus extensions      
Full ACID compliance and updates      
Storage limits Unlimited Unlimited 250 GBs
Time limits None 30 days None
Support model Enterprise Enterprise Community

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