Strategic capabilities. Faster insights.

Real-time decision-making in times of market uncertainty.

Actian solutions offer real-time decisions with your data

Data-driven rapid responses need an out-of-the-box approach

Covid-19 is not the first and it will not be the last global or regional disruption to markets. Pandemics, severe weather, political instability, trade disputes, and a host of other uncertainty drivers require out-of-the-box responses. Reliance on your existing organizational process and IT systems delivers only at the speed of normal business. Actian can deliver real-time decision making capabilities at the speed your business needs during periods of uncertainty.

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When neither speed nor accuracy can be sacrificed and normal IT budgets and process don’t apply

How do you add key missing data and run your predictive models in real-time across all these areas?

Actian solutions provide real-time decisions

Real-time decision-making strategic capabilities delivered on Actian Data Platform

Optimizing for speed, accuracy, and cost

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Rapidly identify areas for cost reduction

Seize near-term cost reductions across your IT and business operations. Pragmatically leverage the cloud, existing IT investments, and all relevant internal and external data sources to control and optimize fixed and variable expenses.

The Actian Data Platform delivers superior price performance as demonstrated by GigaOM, enabling REAL real-time analytics with split-second response times.

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Identify, assess and mitigate risk

Slow decisions in a crisis increase risk and liability. Fuse the right data and analyze in real-time to understand facility and cyber risks, determine worker, supplier, and customer financial and legal liabilities. Avoid or reduce financial and market share losses.

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Analyze operational scenarios to optimize business agility

Immediately implement real-time data ingestion to ensure you are operating on freshest data from disparate internal and external sources, from points of action at the edge to multiple clouds to legacy data centers.  Scale concurrent access to data regardless of source or location.

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Sharpen customer focus to improve satisfaction, retention and adoption

Customer engagement can suffer during periods of crisis with key channels attenuated or closed.  Leverage all sources of customer sentiment to understand changing customer needs and behaviors to better segment and rapidly adjust product and service mix, pricing, and offers.

Success stories are made
with Actian

Actian Vector gives us the ability to respond to virtually any requirements a user may have and offer deeper insights into business data. We may analyze 10 billion events in order to generate reports used in strategic decision-making.

"Actian and our BI tools integrate seamlessly and deliver real-time insights with great speed and performance. We’re able to make informed, risk-balanced decisions very quickly."

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Real-time decision-making during times of business uncertainty.

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