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Data Driven Analytics Use Cases

Leverage Actian solutions to address a wide range of cloud data platform, cloud data warehouse, analytics, integration, and edge use cases. These are based on real-world customer experiences and deployments, providing guidance on what is possible with our innovative portfolio.

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Only a modern hybrid cloud data platform can deliver optimized data-driven outcomes

Every industry and horizontal solution area has best-in-class software solutions.  Increasingly, these platforms have embedded advanced analytics functions that optimize use of the platform.  Unfortunately, these systems are siloed by department, execute differently for different stages of the business process and leverage different data sets and repositories.  Making these investments generate breakthrough data-driven business outomces requires a modern hybrid and virtual data platform in the cloud that can rapidly extract data from any source and analysis and visualization by any tool.

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Competition is fierce and the business climate is uncertain.  Fully understanding and managing customer experience requires data across sales, marketing, customer service and support, all back end CRM and ERP systems as well as all aspects of your customers interactions with you and each other.  With Actian, you can leverage all sources of current and historical customer interaction and sentiment to better segment and rapidly adjust product and service mix, pricing, and offers.


Supply Chain Optimization reduces cost and improves business agility

Demand forecasting and planning, procurement, vendor management, supply chain execution and all supporting ERP and customer facing systems play a role in supply chain optimization.  Increasingly, each of these systems has its own BI and analytics tools and data silos.  With Actian, analysts and data professionals can break these silos down, reduce costs, and improve business agility without perturbing the data, investing in new systems, or hiring an army of specialist.

Edge to Cloud Analytics deliver more value from IoT and Mobile

Automation at the point of action through use of IoT and more intelligent human assistance at the edge require monitoring, management, and governance of data from the Edge to the Cloud and back.  With Actian, you get a single secure scalable data platform at the edge, integrated with a virtual hybrid data platform in the cloud to extract more value from the investments in IoT and drive better outcomes at the point of action.

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