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Financial services

Actian offers powerful data analytics and proven data and application integration solutions for financial services organizations. Customers from all segments such as banking, insurance and asset management rely on Actian to analyze risk positions, identify fraud, meet compliance requirements, reduce data onboarding time, improve time to value and enhance revenue recognition.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters financial & risk solutions deliver critical news, information and analytics to the global financial community – enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investing, financial and corporate professionals.



Needed to meet the 20ms response time requirement for the EIKON and ELECTRON data and trading applications.

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Actian Vector farm of 80 SMP servers. Each server hosts multiple client accounts.



Vector provides a hub for all the data used by EIKON and ELECTRON applications, meeting the sub 20ms response time SLA for complex queries and giving Thomson Reuters clients a competitive advantage.


Actian Integration enables high-volume, real-time claims and transaction processing, connecting and enabling greater efficiency for all parts of the claims/transaction processing chain.

Integrate payer and provider solutions

  • Integrate care management and continually improve effectiveness of all programs.
  • Extend your care management systems to corporate customers.
  • Optimize costs and utilization to create a healthier population.
  • Create new models for patient advocacy and community development.
  • Automate claims processing to reduce cycle time and improve cash flow.
  • Securely connect all parties and devices to share patient information in real-time.
  • Prevent care errors and fraud at the point of the transaction.

SaaS and software providers

As more business functions move to the cloud, software and SaaS providers must help their customers connect to all their other data, whether it is internal or external, on-premises or with another cloud service provider. Imagine being able to integrate all that data automatically, driving higher productivity and greater transparency across functional silos, reducing friction and accelerating time to value.

Integrate and manage all your data

  • Integrate and manage all your data.
  • Learn more about your customers and discover new business opportunities.
  • Connect all of your customer’s data to your application invisibly.
  • Accelerate customer on-boarding and time to value.
  • Act on customer insights available in real-time.

Success stories are made
with Actian

Actian DataConnect enables us to complete customer implementations in days instead of months, and that provides real value to our customers. Whether they want seamless integration right away, with a full-blown, real-time, open API

Oil and gas

Managing the world’s energy resources is a complex regulatory environment with volatile global markets and capital-intensive operations. Connecting suppliers and operators through automated data integration drives greater efficiencies, higher levels of compliance, and a more flexible supply chain to respond to market needs.

Harness the power of data integration

  • Fully automate supply chain document exchange between operators & suppliers.
  • Optimize resources to meet customer requests and focus on core initiatives.
  • Reduce supply chain risk with timely purchases and fulfillment.
  • Stay in compliance with regulatory and standards changes.
  • Adapt quickly to changing market pressures.
  • Manage multinational operations with greater efficiency and safety.
  • Exchange information across resources owners, suppliers, investors and regulators.