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Microstrategy is a publicly traded software company that delivers Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

Why Are Business Intelligence Solutions Important?

Most businesses have more operational and market data than they can fully explore. BI solutions complement the Actian Data Platform by providing advanced algorithms and data visualizations. BI solutions are essential enablers of citizen data analysts. Providing analytic tools enables managers and individuals to understand their business better and make more informed decisions.

What Products Does Microstrategy Provide?

All Microstrategy products are designed to help users gain actionable insights from their data. These products include the following:

  • Microstrategy ONE is an umbrella product targeted at large enterprises, bringing together a broad variety of capabilities consolidated into a single platform.
  • Ai Augmented is a product that uses AI-driven design and analytics that takes advantage of the latest advances in AI technology, including generative AI.
  • Dossier allows users to create data visualizations, business reports and applications using a visual canvas-driven user interface.
  • Library: lets users organize content that can be shared in a controlled manner with other people using a subscription mechanism.
  • Workstation is a centralized hub from which architects and analysts can design and deploy Dossiers, Reports and Apps.
  • The Hyper Suite consists of a set of applications that allow the creation of integrated workflows that include third-party solutions such as Oracle, Salesforce, LinkedIn, and Slack.

Cloud-Native Architecture

Microstrategy can be deployed on multiple public cloud platforms. These consist of 36 regions with a multi-cloud environment on AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud. The benefits of multi-cloud include access to the latest versions and lower running costs. The Actian Data Platform and Microstrategy ONE are available on multiple public cloud platforms, allowing analysis and visualization to be performed in the same cloud region to keep costs under control and minimize network latency.

Microstrategy Customer Use Cases

Financial Services

Commercial and business banks depend on BI to understand their customers better. Insights from Microstrategy can be used to sell existing customers new services to improve retention. Insights gained from app usage logs can uncover what aspects they value the most when deciding what features to enhance.

Financial reporting can be streamlined by enabling distributed regions to perform local financial analyses and produce performance reports.


Trust in data is vital in the healthcare industry because insights gained through the analysis of patient data are often used to prescribe treatments. The downside of incorrect treatment can be grave. One Microstrategy customer identified low-risk procedures that could be performed in ASCs (Ambulatory Surgery Centers), saving them $10 million in improved hospital performance and operations.

Hospitals use analytics to uncover problems, improve patient care and create more personalized care plans.


Retailers use Microstrategy to analyze store operations so they can optimize inventory. Supply chains require constant monitoring to ensure smooth replenishment of empty shelves.

Market basket analysis helps store owners predict the buying habits of customers. Pricing, marketing and product placement all require analytics to fine-tune.


Microstrategy is FedRAMP Authorized, so Government is a local and central Government focus area. Agencies, including the FBI and NASA, need analytics to drive investigations and projects forward.


The Actian Data Platform transforms your business by simplifying how you connect, manage, and analyze data on-premise and across multiple clouds. Actian analytics and transaction systems come with hundreds of pre-built data integrations to make loading to help you get the most value out of your data assets.

Microstrategy and Actian products and services complement each other. Actian provides data integration services to build data pipelines and a vector processing database engine to deliver lightning-fast Business Intelligence query results. Actian provides Microfocus with access to Big Data repositories using the Spark connector and streamed data sources through Kafka.

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