Actian Launches Industry-Leading Embedded Database for Mobile and IoT to Advance Data Management at the Edge

PALO ALTO, Calif. – August 27, 2019 – Actian, a leader in hybrid data management, cloud data warehouse, and data integration technology, today announced the availability of the new Actian ZenTM embedded database for mobile and IoT. Actian Zen is designed to support edge applications and analytics with a single, secure, modular and scalable platform. As data proliferates at the edge, Zen offers the ideal solution for software developers who want dedicated application data management to deliver business-critical services across a wide range of operating environments, from Android and iOS phones to medical sensors and surveillance drones.

“Mobile and IoT applications are generating massive amounts of data that need to be managed from the edge to the cloud,” said Lewis Carr, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Actian. “We recognized a market need for an embedded, nano-footprint, NoSQL and SQL, multi-platform database to support a wide range of mobile and IoT applications. Zen fills that gap and enables developers to fully harness data at the edge.”

Actian Zen connects mobile and IoT devices to gateways, the cloud and traditional on-premises databases and integrates with a broad spectrum of programming languages, offering common APIs and a single database across a wide range of data types, deployment targets and projects to reduce risk and streamline operations. With Zen, enterprises never have to compromise when it comes to performance and security at the edge, on-premises, in the cloud or in hybrid environments.

Actian Zen Offers New Features for Mobile and IoT Applications Including:

  • EXIF data structure.
  • JSON and BLOB support.
  • Time-series data support.
  • 64TB single file size.
  • Quadrupled block size for faster data transfer between devices, gateways and cloud environments.
  • AES 256-bit, military-grade encryption.

Actian Zen offers best-in-class performance compared with NoSQL and SQL alternatives to help developers, data scientists, IT analysts and product managers support distributed analytics, data management and integration at the edge. Actian Zen is a zero-DBA, zero-ETL architecture that supports Microsoft Windows, Linux/embedded Linux, iOS, and Android platforms, bringing enterprise-grade database capabilities and performance to the edge on any 32/64-bit Intel or ARM platform.

“When configuring Actian Zen for mobile and IoT, we knew IoT security was the crux of data management among edge applications,” said Desmond Tan, Senior Director, Zen Engineering at Actian. “Adopting a highly secure and zero-ETL architecture is key to compliance and reducing risk. Actian Zen delivers superior encryption and security in a single, scalable, modular platform with a host of added features, providing performance and functionality not found across Edge and IoT environments yet architecturally compatible with Cloud and Data center implementation.”

Actian Zen Creates Value for Customers
“With Actian Zen data management products, we’ve been able to scale our integrated solutions in the classroom and across campuses to enable collaboration and to better track and manage students and institutional assets – extending our capabilities to IoT and mobile devices,” said André Beauchamp, CEO of Plurilogic. “Actian Zen is critical to our application as it allows us to deliver an offline experience with data persistency, security and optimal data synchronization between distributed devices and centralized school servers. We’ve been so impressed with Zen Core for Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows that we’ve developed a plug-in to our Apache Cordova mobile development framework to enable us to use Zen Core for data management across Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows platforms from a single code base.”

“When developing architecture for real-time data processing and machine learning-based analytics at the edge, we needed a database that could seamlessly and adequately support complex IoT and edge data workloads,” said Dr. Chaitali Sengupta, Founder of Cirrus 360. “Actian Zen supports a variety of operating systems, programming languages and data types, so we only need a single platform to connect from endpoint to gateway to cloud and analyze and store data locally and instantaneously.”

Actian Zen V14 is immediately available and free to developers for use in non-production environments and in time-limited trials for production use. Perpetual and subscription licensing options are also available. For more information, visit the Actian downloads site.

About Actian – Activate your Data™
Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, delivers data as a competitive advantage to thousands of organizations worldwide. Through the deployment of innovative, enterprise-class, hybrid data products, fully managed cloud services, mobile and IoT Edge data management, and industry solutions Actian ensures that business critical systems can analyze, transact and connect at their very best – both on-premises and in the cloud. Thousands of forward-thinking organizations around the globe trust Actian to help them solve their toughest data challenges to transform how they run their businesses… with data.

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