Actian Launches Industry-First Real-Time Connected Cloud Data Warehouse Solution

PALO ALTO, Calif. – April 22, 2020Actian, the leader in hybrid cloud data warehousing and data integration, today announced its Avalanche™ Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse Solution with support for AWS and Azure cloud platforms. The Actian hybrid solution is the industry’s first and only cloud data warehouse to offer complete integration capabilities natively built into the product. It enables enterprises to rapidly and inexpensively harness their diverse data sources for use in high-performance analytics, both in the cloud and on-premises.

Actian’s Avalanche Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse was designed for these unprecedented times of business uncertainty, during which real-time decision-making is critical for survival and success. The Actian solution delivers a set of distinctive capabilities that address unique business needs that go beyond a traditional cloud data warehouse such as blazing-fast analytics, real-time data ingestion and a true hybrid architecture that can run in the cloud and on-premises. The result is rapid, impactful decision-making coupled with substantial near-term cost savings.

This innovative solution seamlessly incorporates the key features of Actian’s proven DataConnect™ hybrid data integration offering into Actian Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse to deliver comprehensive, native integration functionality. This capability significantly simplifies and accelerates data warehouse deployment and makes administration of this fully managed service a breeze. Further, it virtually eliminates the traditional cost and complexity of managing a standalone data integration product in conjunction with an enterprise data warehouse – something competitor solutions still struggle to achieve. The solution is powered by the Actian Avalanche data warehouse which features Actian’s patented vectorized query engine technology that provides industry-leading responsiveness and price-performance.

“We have to deal with all types of data in the healthcare industry, most of which is distributed across a myriad of systems and sources,” said Rick Fitzgerald, Chief Digital Officer, Ciox Health. “Having a modern hybrid cloud data warehouse with native data integration should help speed up project deployment, simplify the administration and ultimately save money for an organization.”

Actian’s Real-Time Connected Data Warehouse boasts competitive, market-leading capabilities such as:

  • Quick and Easy Data Ingestion: Rapidly and securely access diverse data, including semi-structured and streaming data, into Avalanche using pre-built templates for popular SaaS and on-premises applications including Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and NetSuite
  • Comprehensive Native Integration Capabilities: Design, deploy, and manage your integrations from a single UI control plane that operates and is managed in the cloud
  • Real-Time Data Pipelines: Effortlessly incorporate streaming data with Spark and Kafka support to power the most demanding use cases
  • IndustryLeading Price Performance: Avalanche delivers more throughput, up to 9X, than comparable offerings
  • Zero Performance Penalty Data Updates: Avalanche’s patented architecture eliminates performance degradation typically seen in traditional data warehouses and data lakes, so businesses can operate on the freshest data without hesitation
  • Advanced Federated Hybrid Query Support: Automates the ability to seamlessly query multiple Avalanche data warehouses, both on-premises and in the cloud, without the need to move or copy data
  • True Hybrid Flexibility: Deploy and manage on-premises or in multiple clouds on AWS, Azure or your own virtual private cloud deployments

“Our research shows that accessing and integrating data is the most time-consuming part of the data preparation process,” said David Menninger, SVP & Research Director at Ventana Research. “Enterprises are being driven to get more value out of their data faster and with more actionable insights that drive better business outcomes. Actian has recognized this need by delivering a comprehensive hybrid data warehouse solution that incorporates enterprise-class integration in its flagship Avalanche cloud data warehouse and on-premises analytics offering.”

As a special incentive to bolster adoption and help customers realize substantial near-term cost savings in these unprecedented times, Actian is guaranteeing that Avalanche will halve a company’s Snowflake bill. To learn more about the terms of this offer, go to

“Actian realizes that budgets are constrained in today’s unprecedented business environment. We are so confident in our solution’s ability to bring game changing value to our customers, that we are offering our guarantee that it will cut Snowflake customers’ aggregate costs in half,” said Vikas Mathur, GM of Actian’s Avalanche data warehouse business. “We want to encourage people to try Avalanche and experience the promise of high-performance hybrid analytics coupled with low, predictable pricing firsthand.”

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