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How To Build Accurate Customer Profiles Using Data Analytics
  • August 21, 2023

How to Build Accurate Customer Profiles Using Data Analytics

A comprehensive data analytics strategy gives financial firms a competitive edge, helping them inform decision making, drive overall financial performance, and improve business outcomes. The fact is, all types of financial firms, from banks to investment companies, are finding new uses for analytics while optimizing proven use cases. You’re probably leveraging analytics for some…

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5 Important Customer Experience Scoring Methods
  • February 7, 2023

5 Important Customer Experience Scoring Methods

After reading “Forrester 2023 Customer Experience Predictions”, it was surprising to see one of its projections – 20% of customer experience (CX) programs will disappear this year. Forrester explains that companies for which great CX is not part of their brand identity will demand proof that CX spending is necessary. Unfortunately, 54% of CX…

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5 Tips For Extracting More ROI From Your CRM And Marketing Tech Stacks
  • March 28, 2021

5 Tips for Extracting More ROI from Your CRM and Marketing Tech Stacks

Tech stacks are getting more complicated by the day. Marketing Operations, Revenue Operations, Sales Operations, IT, Analytics, and Executives—we are all doing business using digital automations, including integrations, that allow us to target and interact with our customers and prospects in more meaningful and rewarding ways than ever before. Take a moment to consider.…

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Developing A 360-Degree View Of Your Customer With Connected Data
  • April 29, 2020

Developing a 360-Degree View of Your Customer With Connected Data

How well do you know your customers?  Do you know what they buy?  Do you know when and why they make purchases?  Do you know who influences their buying behavior?  Do you know how price sensitive they are and what types of promotions they respond to?  You should know these things.  Connected data can…

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