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How to Use Cloud Migration as an Opportunity to Modernize Data and Analytics

Actian Corporation

May 25, 2023

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Ensuring a hassle-free cloud migration takes a lot of planning and working with the right vendor. While you have specific goals that you want to achieve by moving to the cloud, you can also benefit the business by thinking about how you want to expand and optimize the cloud once you’ve migrated. For example, the cloud journey can be the optimal time to modernize your data and analytics.

Organizations are turning to the cloud for a variety of reasons, such as gaining scalability, accelerating innovation, and integrating data from traditional and new sources. While there’s a lot of talk about the benefits of the cloud—and there are certainly many advantages—it’s also important to realize that challenges can occur both during and after migration.

Identify and Solve Cloud Migration Challenges

New research based on surveys of 450 business and IT leaders identified some of the common data and analytics challenges organizations face when migrating to the cloud. They include data privacy, regulatory compliance, ethical data use concerns, and the ability to scale.

One way you can solve these challenges is to deploy a modern cloud data platform that can deliver data integration, scalability, and advanced analytics capabilities. The right platform can also solve another common problem you might experience in your cloud migration—operationalizing as you add more data sources, data pipelines, and analytics use cases.

You need the ability to quickly add new data sources, build pipelines with or without using code, perform analytics at scale, and meet other business needs in a cloud or hybrid environment. A cloud data platform can deliver these capabilities, along with enabling you to easily manage, access, and use data—without ongoing IT assistance.

Use the Cloud for Real-time Analytics

Yesterday’s analytics approaches won’t deliver the rapid insights you need for today’s advanced automation, most informed decision-making, and the ability to identify emerging trends as they happen to shape product and service offerings. That’s one reason why real-time data analytics is becoming more mainstream.

According to research conducted for Actian, common technologies operational in the cloud include data streaming and real-time analytics, data security and privacy, and data integration. Deploying these capabilities with an experienced cloud data platform vendor can help you avoid problems that other organizations routinely face, such as cloud migrations that don’t meet established objectives or not having transparency into costs, resulting in budget overruns.

Vendor assessments are also important. Companies evaluating vendors often look at the functionality and capabilities offered, the business understanding and personalization of the sales process, and IT efficiency and user experience. A vendor handling your cloud migration should help you deploy the environment that’s best for your business, such as a multi-cloud or hybrid approach, without being locked into a specific cloud service provider.

Once organizations are in the cloud, they are implementing a variety of use cases. The most popular ones, according to research for Actian, include customer 360 and customer analytics, financial risk management, and supply chain and inventory optimization. With a modern cloud data platform, you can bring almost any use case to the cloud.

Drive Transformational Insights Using a Cloud Data Platform

Moving to the cloud can help you modernize both the business and IT. As highlighted in our new eBook “The Top Data and Analytics Capabilities Every Modern Business Should Have,” your cloud migration journey is an opportunity to optimize and expand the use of data and analytics in the cloud. The Actian Data Platform can help. The platform makes it easy for you to connect, manage, and analyze data in the cloud. It also offers superior price performance, and you can use your preferred tools and languages to get answers from your data. Read the eBook to find out more about our research, the top challenges organizations face with cloud migrations, and how to eliminate IT bottlenecks. You’ll also find out how your peers are using cloud platforms for analytics and the best practices for smooth cloud migration.

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