What is Connected Data?

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Connected data offers a way to map relationships between data sources to provide context and increase the value of existing data to a business. Data siloes offer little value to a business. By connecting different data points about a subject, such as a customer, a picture can be painted to enrich interactions with the additional context. The more data points about an entity can translate into higher potential value from the relationship.

Connected Data Examples

Below are some examples of where connected data can improve a business function:


The sales team must be well-informed when interacting with prospects and customers. For prospective customers, it is advantageous to know about changes in a company as change often triggers a purchase. For example, if a customer receives a new investment to expand in a specific area, the resulting job postings and market news can uncover new projects. For existing customer relationships, it is helpful for sales to know of the customer’s open technical issues or enhancement requests.


The marketing function is very data-driven, using internal metrics to measure success and external data to understand market and customer dynamics. Each customer journey contains milestones that follow a path to a qualified lead that can be handed to sales. Each data point from that journey, such as landing pages visited, asset downloads, keyword searched, or ad clicks, triggers an uptick in their lead score as a candidate for sales to develop. The accumulation of connected data points creates an understanding of the customer’s interests before the first meaningful conversation occurs.

Service Support

Support organizations use connected data to understand the context of every call or inbound email. The service analyst must understand the environment their product is operating within, the expected service level, the criticality of the business, past escalations, and other open cases to resolve an incident correctly. By looking across all cases to see similar issues, the problem management system can automate root cause analysis to ensure no repeats of an issue.

Account Management

An account manager can do a better job if they can look at historical trends in the relationship, monitor social media to get a feel for the sensitivities their customer may have and come to the meeting armed with the right insights to demonstrate their competency.

Engineering & Development

During the development phase, a company can only test with a subset of use cases compared with a real-world deployment. Collecting and connecting data about production use helps to reduce bugs and allows for proactive maintenance. IoT sensors can provide masses of data to be looked at holistically to understand, with context, how a system operates in the wild.


Connected data enables manufacturers to make data-driven decisions and optimize supply chain management, resulting in increased efficiency and cost savings. As more manufacturers adopt connected data technologies, they will continue to benefit from improved productivity, quality, and profitability.

Product Management

Product managers regularly interact with users of their product or service to understand its strengths and identify areas for improvement in future revisions. Usage data helps to locate areas that can be retired or refactored as options. The more data points the product manager gathers about the product; the more context is gained about where to take the roadmap for maximum benefit for the vendor and customer.

Actian Makes it Easy to Analyze

The Actian Data Platform can collect file-based, IoT and streamed data across multiple cloud platforms. Actian provides a platform for hosting connected data for analysis. Data analysis projects can be initiated in minutes. Multiple data sources can be integrated into cloud data warehouses using built-in connectors to popular business applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and IoT streams.

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