Ingres Transactional Database & Actian X: Next-Gen Analytics

OLTP and Next-Generation Operational Analytics


Operational Analytics

Actian X combines a rock-solid OLTP database with a record-breaking analytics engine.


Enterprise Ready

Low TCO, ultra-stable enterprise RDBMS with 24×7 global support and industry leading customer satisfaction rating.


Integration Included

Connect Actian X and Ingres database applications to the rest of the enterprise with an end-to-end solution for designing, deploying and managing integration.

What is Actian X?

Actian X is a combination of industry-leading Ingres Transactional Database and Vector Analytics Database, world class integration and a robust monitoring tool. Actian X runs business critical systems for Fortune 100 companies and government agencies and has industry-leading customer satisfaction ratings.

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Enterprise OLTP, Operational Analytics, Integration and Monitoring

Actian X adds record-breaking analytics, integration and monitoring to a rock solid OLTP platform.


Operational Analytics

Combine OLTP and analytics features in the same application with the world’s fastest analytics engine.

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Extend the value of Actian X and Ingres database applications by connecting to data and applications inside and outside of your enterprise.

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Enterprise Monitoring

Keep business critical application systems reliable and available with proactive database monitoring and management.

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“The reasons why we originally chose the Ingres database and continue to rely on it are numerous. It offers good functionality, high levels of reliability and stability, a cost-effective licensing model, and is backed up with excellent support. When we compare the Ingres database to other database technologies on the market, it continues to be one of the best choices to power Lido/FlightPlanning.”

Rudi Koffer, Senior Database Software Architect, Lufthansa Systems Airlines Operations Solutions



Operational Analytics

Activate Your Data. Run OLAP/BI/analytic queries against Actian X data with the world’s fastest analytic engine. Add analytics features to existing applications using the X100 table and Vector engine.


Incremental Analytics Made Easy

Adding record breaking analytics to Ingres applications is simple – create a table and copy the data you need. Same access methods, same queries – just tremendously faster results.


Actian X Data You Need – Where You Need It

Extend the value of Actian X applications by connecting to data and applications inside and outside of your enterprise. DataConnect for Actian X is an end-to-end solution for designing, deploying and managing Actian X application integration.

Monitor (1)

Monitor Database System Health

Use pre-configured plug-ins to keep track of the health of the Actian X and Ingres databases and host systems. Keep business critical application systems in top shape and get better planning for scheduled maintenance.


Geospatial Features

Add geometry and geography related features to Actian X and Ingres applications. ESRI ArcGIS plug-in means ArcGIS 10.x can view and manipulate Actian x geospatial data. Industry standard 2D, 3-D and 4-D datatypes plus linear reference.


Key OLTP Features

Per-query parallelism lets developers easily test and tune query parallelization for application performanceStore the data in a columnar format for faster access. .NET data provider prefetch blocks tunes the number of rows returned per I/O block.

World (1)

World Class Global Support

24×7 follow the sun multi-language, enterprise support. Experienced, stable team with development and support under one roof.

Use Cases

Deliver Operational Analytics

Actian X creates the perfect platform for adding operational analytics to an existing OLTP system. For example, an online shopping application could deliver a new set of data (browsing activity) that is be combined with a customer’s historical data and analyzed in real-time to optimize the offer presented to the customer.

  • Expand application capabilities
  • Add clickstream data to historical customer information
  • Identify targeted add-ons, cross sell, and upsell opportunities

Actian X enables operational analytics on a per transaction basis.

Man using mobile payments online shopping and icon customer network connection on screen, m-banking and omni channel, all on mobile screen are design up

Improve Outcomes with Integration

DataConnect for Actian X accesses data and applications inside and outside of the enterprise. Get a direct connection to supplier inventory, or service partner maintenance status – delivered on a scheduled batch basis (once per day) or on an alert basis (stock below 10%, item repair schedule change).

  • Extend the reach of Actian X applications
  • Connect to internal and external data sources
  • Update analytic and/or OLTP data stores
  • Adjust offers in real-time, based on current inventory and delivery schedules
  • Ensure customers see only available items or suitable alternatives

Extend the reach of your applications, reducing transaction risks and delivering real customer value.

Keep Business Critical Systems Healthy

The Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) for Actian X uses pre-configured plug-ins to keep track of the health of the database and host system. EMA can monitor and set alerts for key system functions like disk usage and I/O performance, transaction and error log files, network latency and many more.

  • Monitor key database and host system health indicators
  • Deliver alerts at pre-defined thresholds
  • Solve potential problems before they affect performance
  • Use historical and trending information to schedule maintenance

Enterprise Monitoring Appliance (EMA) keeps key systems available and reliable.

Magnifying glass and documents with analytics data lying on table,selective focusMagnifying glass and documents with analytics data lying on table,selective focus

Actian X Connectivity

Multi-database support without host specific syntax or datatypes. Enterprise Access allows a single application to run against multiple databases without needing to know or use host specific syntax or datatypes. The Enterprise Access server implements an interface similar in appearance and behavior to each supported DBMS platforms. Enterprise Access is a connectivity option that allows Actian X applications to run against non-Ingres databases such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle.

Database support: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2 UDB
OS support: Windows, Solaris SPARC, Solaris x86, Linux

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