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IsCool analyzes the behaviors of millions of users to deliver in-game offers to improve monetization.

Actian IsCool Customer Story

About IsCool Entertainment

IsCool Entertainment is a European leader in social gaming applications on Facebook.

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Gain a deeper understanding of gamer behaviors and preferences in order to make targeted recommendations and in-game offers that lead to conversions and increased revenue.

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To accelerate analysis of high volumes of real-time user data, IsCool Entertainment selected the Actian Data Platform™ and the Actian Vector Analytics Database.

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IsCool can now extract actionable insights from the real-time behaviors of millions of gamers, converting those insights into in-game offers and suggestions that both engage users and increase revenue.

Gaming on social networks and mobile devices is booming. It is estimated that the amount spent on such games will hit nearly $20 billion globally in 2019.* But the price of admission isn’t where firms like IsCool Entertainment make their money. The real revenues arise as a result of well-placed in-game offers for upgrades or ancillary equipment and ads.

Games need to be innovative and engaging to continue to command the attention of their communities. With tens of millions of monthly active users (MAUs), IsCool has demonstrated an ability to deliver the experiences users want. The question was how it could capture and analyze gamer behavior in real time to deliver a richer, more personalized gaming experience.


IsCool selected the Actian Data Platform and the Vector Analytics database for real-time business intelligence analysis. Actian Vector leverages vector processing technology to unlock hidden hardware performance features, boosting performance without specialty hardware or database tuning. As a result, the Actian Data Platform and the Vector Analytics database can analyze huge volumes of gamer activity and social behaviors at blazingly fast speeds.

The Actian Data Platform and the Vector Analytics database can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, which provided IsCool with the flexibility it needed to respond to changing game dynamics. By running Vector in the cloud, IsCool could provision Actian Vector in a cost-effective manner, scaling up or down in response to the needs of a particular moment without having to invest in large onsite servers.

IsCool is a part of a growing number of data-driven businesses using the Actian Data Platform and the Vector Analytics database to extract value from user behavior. These digital natives live and die by their ability to view, analyze, and monetize information — in real time. As data is increasingly viewed as an organization’s key asset, the Actian Data Platform is emerging as the go-to technology for capturing and acting upon the insights gleaned from those dynamic data sets.


With the insights gained through Actian Analytics and Actian Vector, IsCool can drive customer retention. It provides rewards, generates leaderboards, and delivers virtual prizes that enhance the game experience and increase user engagement. The marketing intelligence produced by Vector brings promotional opportunities to partners based on user patterns and behavior.

“Our success is measured by the quality of experience we provide our gamers,” explains Florian Douetteau, CTO of IsCool Entertainment. “We’re using the Actian Data Platform and the Vector Analytics database to investigate consumer behavior and develop a better understanding of what makes our users play and interact. With fast and actionable business analytics from Vector, we can deliver tailored offers and recommendations to our customers and advertising partners, and thus improve monetization of the games we develop.”

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