Actian Launches Actian NoSQL, First Object-Oriented Database Designed To Deliver Enterprise-Class Performance For Data-Driven Organizations

PALO ALTO, Calif. – June 13, 2017 – Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, today announced the newest version of the Actian NoSQL database, combining object technology and enterprise-class database features to provide solutions for businesses with complex data models. Actian has reinvented the traditional object-oriented database to deliver the first NoSQL database with enterprise-class performance and scale.

This innovative offering incorporates performance feature enhancements for critical capabilities, including queries and externally managed transactions for up to 300 percent throughput improvement. It features an innovative server architecture that reduces key administration and operational tasks, such as deploying via Docker containers. As a key component of Actian’s hybrid data management, analytics and integration portfolio, it provides the essential capabilities necessary to address the shift to hybrid data that is underway today.

“The newest release of Actian NoSQL offers a performance increase in a key area of Méthode,” said Ismail Gazarin, Chief Technology Officer at EidosMedia, a worldwide leader in developing content management solutions. “We chose Actian for performance, robustness and scalability for our more than 30,000 users in over 100 global news and financial service firms across five continents who need 24×7 access to complex and unstructured data, and we haven’t been disappointed.”

Many NoSQL databases today lack the essential enterprise features required to support business-critical application performance, scalability and reliability. With Actian NoSQL database, enterprises gain these features, combined with agile development and rapid time-to-value of object design and deployment options. Actian NoSQL features ACID and distributed transaction support, two-phase commit and online schema evolution. Its two-level cache and multi-session/multi-threaded architecture is optimized for next-generation multi-core server architectures to deliver linear scalability to handle growth in data volume and concurrent user access.

Leading companies working in data-driven segments such as telecommunications infrastructure, transportation and financial services fraud detection have often struggled to deliver solutions based on traditional relational data technology. While relational databases are suitable for many transactional use cases, such as sales order management, their performance often becomes challenging as the application data becomes more complex and multi-dimensional. Rendering this form of complex data in a relational model typically results in an explosion of complexity to represent the data and a large number of joins for queries – both of which negatively impact development and design iteration time as well as run-time performance.

“The newest version of Actian NoSQL is another example of Actian’s approach of providing best-fit data management technology to developers,” said Rohit De Souza, CEO of Actian. “As part of the Actian mission to provide comprehensive hybrid data solutions, Actian NoSQL can be extended with Actian DataConnect – both inside and outside the enterprise – to other Actian data management and analytics products and to other applications on-premises or in the cloud.”

Actian NoSQL database version 9.3, previously known as Versant, is immediately available. More information can be found here.

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