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Actian DataConnect v11.5 is Here!

Actian Corporation

June 7, 2019

Actian DataConnect v11.5

It’s with great excitement that we announce the release of Actian DataConnect 11.5.

This release includes a new set of robust and intuitive features to make the integration and design experience simpler and faster. From mapping and process design enhancements in DataConnect Studio to new and improved connectivity tools in UniversalConnectTM and user-management features in Integration Manager, DataConnect has the capabilities you need to connect anything, anytime, anywhere.

DataConnect Studio

At Actian, we understand how important it is to provide you with the tools to create integrations quickly, manage them as your environment changes and evolve them to keep your organization agile. With continued focus on the integration design experience, DataConnect Studio 11.5 is full of features to improve productivity and simplify the integration design experience.

  • Guided workflows help users quickly leverage components in Process Designer while maintaining visual context, limiting the need to “plan ahead,” and reducing the number of clicks required to configure steps.
  • New automatic debugging support virtually eliminates the need to write your own logging scripts to troubleshoot variables and message objects.
  • The Map Designer interface has been enhanced, so users can be more efficient by allowing them to: configure events and actions from the “simple mapping” view, bulk-edit field properties and receive immediate interactive feedback on expressions.
  • A new Extract editor enables visual parsing and extraction of data elements from semi-structured files. Pre-built Template-process designs also accelerate onboarding for new users as “out-of-box” quick start, best-practice accelerators.


The ecosystem of data sources that companies need to connect continues to expand. UniversalConnect has been enhanced in this release to support new connectivity and platform features, including:

  • ServiceNow Map connector – A new Map designer connector for mapping to and from ServiceNow objects (including custom objects).
  • NetSuite connector updates – Support the current WSDL version and token-based authentication.
  • SMTP Email invoker enhancements – Support HTML content, recipient lists and multiple attachments.
  • Avalanche Map connector – A new Avalanche connector to support data with your cloud data warehouse.
  • ZEN, Vector and Vector Delimited file connectors have also been updated.

Integration Manager

Actian DataConnect Integration Manager is a Web application that allows operations and support staff to configure, schedule, execute and monitor easily all deployed integrations from a single pane of glass. Integration Manager aims to create a streamlined and seamless hand-off experience from designers to production users as integration packages are deployed. This release builds on the core capabilities already in place within Integration Manager while enhancing deployment features and updating secure access capabilities.

As your company’s data environment continues to evolve, Actian is here to provide you with the tools you need to bring your enterprise data together to achieve true enterprise insights and agility. The latest release of Actian DataConnect includes an enhanced set of tools to help your integration designers be more productive and efficient when managing data connections across the enterprise. To learn more, visit

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