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Aeriz: Unlocking the Hidden Value of SaaS Data

Jennifer Jackson

August 1, 2023

Data Platform in the data cloud

Getting the full value of data in your Software as a Service (SaaS) systems can be tricky. That’s because you can’t easily access the data needed for operations, supply chains, customer experiences, or other essential business functions.

Yet easy data access is possible. For example, Aeriz, a distributor of aeroponically grown cannabis, was able to optimize its supply chain by streamlining inventory management in the cloud. The company migrated and enriched data from an on-premises application to a modern cloud data platform.

As highlighted in the recent webinar, Unlocking the Hidden Value of SaaS Data to Support Operational Growth, breaking down barriers to data accessibility helped Aeriz reduce data preparation by 50%. The company collects and integrates a wide variety of data types to inform business decisions.

The ecosystem Aeriz had in place created several challenges, including relying on time-consuming processes to bring together and format data, which resulted in a time delay for insights. The company needed information in real-time for decision-making.

“If I’m looking at a 30-day or even a two-day time delay, I can’t tell if some of that data has problems with it if it’s not real-time,” points out Joe Jones, Chief Information Officer for Aeriz.

Gaining the Ability to Analyze Complete Inventory Data

Aeriz, like many other organizations, needs accurate, trustworthy reports that give insights into the business. The reports must meet a variety of business needs, be consistent, and deliver the information employees in different parts of the organization need to drive their daily activities.

Time delays or inconsistent data that isn’t trustworthy limits insights. In turn, this creates barriers to stakeholders and others making the most informed decisions in a timely manner.

By implementing the Actian Data Platform, Aeriz is now able to get the reports, insights, and data capabilities it needs, at scale and when they’re needed. Aeriz can analyze all of its inventory data, enrich the information with data from other sources such as the general ledger and Salesforce, and deliver accurate and timely reports. This gives Aeriz the ability to optimize its entire supply chain, use advanced systems for aeroponic cultivation processes, and solve business challenges.

The Actian platform allows Aeriz to easily bring together disparate data sets on a single platform for analysis, and then move the data, if needed, to other systems dedicated to the supply chain, financials, or other business areas. Actian improves efficiencies across three main areas for Aeriz:

  1. Data access and ease of use.
  2. Complete and timely data insights.
  3. Reduced time and resources spent on tasks.

“If you’re looking at this from a non-technical standpoint, the end result is we got the data that we wanted quickly, and it’s meaningful,” Jones says. “It’s getting the important data information into the appropriate hands as quickly as possible and making sure it’s correct.”

Making Data Analytics Easy

Organizations across all verticals face many of the same challenges as Aeriz. They experience difficulties extracting data from legacy SaaS systems and applications, and many also lack the skills needed to effectively analyze the data.

Actian has been managing the world’s most critical data for customers for more than 50 years—Actian was in the room when data happened. Actian offers an innovative data platform that makes it easy for users to connect, manage, and analyze data without requiring advanced skills or IT intervention.

Watch the webinar co-hosted by Actian and Aeriz to find out why Aeriz chose Actian after looking at multiple vendors. Also, find out how the platform offers visibility and accuracy to make intelligent decisions quickly, enables companies like Aeriz to get data out of SaaS systems for real-time insights, and provides performance information on supply chains and an entire product lifecycle.

Watch the Webinar

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