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Intern Summer Snapshot #4

Actian Corporation

August 24, 2022

Get to know the members of the Actian intern summer series 2022 in depth

Written By: Madeline Heath, Marketing Intern

The fourth week of August signals the final week of our 2022 summer internship session. Our interns have spent the last 11 weeks contributing in engineering, finance, technical course development, marketing, and people. For the fourth and final installment of our Intern Summer Series, we take an in-depth look at what our interns, Nikita Gaurihar, Linson Miranda, and Riya Singla have been working on!

Nikita Gaurihar
Department Vector Engineering Intern

As an intern in the Vector Engineering department, Nikita has spent her summer designing a Data Pipeline solution by performing quality checks and ingesting the processed data using the GRC approach into the Data Vault schema using Actian Products. As a result, Nikita is well versed in SQL, Unix Shell scripting, Lucid Chart, and Database management.

From such hands-on experience within such a dynamic environment, she has learned three skills she believes are essential to navigate any workplace: Managing the action items in terms of priority for the sake of efficiency, communication and networking being the key, and yearning to maintain the technical competencies in the ever-changing technology-driven industry.

As the primary reason she pursued her position at Actian was the potential of real tangible experience, this internship has reinforced her aspirations of working as a Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, etc., and motivated her to keep going using the first principles thinking. Although her time at Actian is dwindling, Nikita is incredibly grateful for Actian being her first international professional experience and will always remember how Actian treated her like a real engineer.

Linson Miranda
Business Intelligence and Analytics Intern, Revenue Operations & Customer Enablement

This summer, Linson worked as a Business Intelligence and Analytics Intern for the Business Development team at Actian. His capstone project revolved around building a Customer 360 Demo for the Sales team using the Actian Data Platform and sharing his findings and feedback with Actian Leadership. Despite the remote setting, Linson felt empowered to reach out to seniors within the company and was happy to find a tight-knit community that was spread across the globe.

Looking forward, Linson would love to explore his career further with Actian and sees this internship as a milestone in his analytics career. From such an incredible and rewarding experience, he is confident in his pursuit of opportunities in data science and engineering with companies like Google and Adobe.

Although his time at Actian is coming to an end, Linson is happy to have participated in the Summer Internship program and is grateful to his peers and other Actian employees for encouraging him and sharing their experiences and insights in such a brief time. He has thoroughly enjoyed the people-first culture of Actian and believes the retention rate speaks for itself!

Riya Singla
IT Development Operations Intern

As the IT Development Operations Intern, Riya works alongside Engineering IT to create a script which automatically deploys Terraform templates to the cloud. From such hands-on experience, she is well-versed in many developmental operations technologies such as Terraform, Jenkins, and Kubernetes.

Although Riya has extensive personal coding experience, she has enjoyed coding in a professional environment and believes it is important to know how to make code production ready. As Riya wants to pursue a career in software engineering, she believes her internship has helped her develop instrumental developmental operations skills that make her a more well-rounded engineer.

With insight from her manager, Riya now maintains the mindset that when interacting with new technologies you “learn a little about a lot.” This means when interacting with different programs, you can dive into different technologies with just enough knowledge that you need to piece them together to build something bigger.

Meet the new team of Actian interns 2022

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