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Intern Summer Snapshot – #1

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August 4, 2022

Get to know the members of the Actian intern summer series 2022 in depth

The first week of August kicks off our Intern Summer Series! For the month of August, we will share a weekly post about our interns, their insights into the 12-week virtual program, and how their internship has helped develop professional skills. First up, we have our wonderful Cloud Operations Analyst Intern, Henry McKinney, and Zen Engineering Intern, Matt Jackson! Gain insight into their intern experience below!

Henry McKinney
Cloud Operations Analyst Intern

Henry has spent his summer as the Cloud Operations Analyst Intern on the Cloud Operations team where he works to streamline workflow and create greater efficiency within his team’s projects. His primary responsibility –analyzing and assisting the operations of his team- consists of specific tasks such as: project designing, project management, team management, workload analysis, ticket analysis, and security analysis.

Henry describes his experience working on a cloud operations team as exciting and innovative and has developed an appreciation for the Agile mindset in tech. His experience working with AWS, GCP, Azure and Atlassian at Actian combined with his passion for technology and data have further strengthened Henry’s ambitions to pursue a career in the cloud space.

Henry has enjoyed the opportunity to add value to his cloud operations team and admires the collaborative culture they present. He believes it is a privilege to work alongside such seasoned veterans in the cloud space and is grateful for how friendly and helpful his team members -especially his mentor, Bobby- have been.

Matthew Jackson
Zen Engineering Intern

Matt has spent his summer working as the Zen Engineering intern where his time has been split between two major projects. He first worked on CM Wiki Migration where -through scripting- he migrated old Zen wiki content to Confluence in the cloud. Following the early completion of this project, Matt transferred his focus to the Btrieve Databases where he now utilizes BRestfulAPI to make an app that will be used to share Actian product implementation.

From personal coding projects to working as a JavaScript Instructor for children, Matt considers himself to be a certifiable “language jumper” and is grateful to have learned about source control and how to further coding proficiency in a professional setting.

By working with people involved in quality assurance, Matt has gained a deeper understanding of the value of a big picture approach while furthering his appreciation of the small tasks that make big picture ideas possible. He has developed his own understanding of the importance of integrating business and computer science by coding with a purpose and has an even greater passion for collaboration within a professional coding environment.

Meet the new team of Actian interns 2022

If you are a student interested in gaining real-world experience and tangible skills and want to foster your own professional growth in a flexible virtual setting, we encourage you to submit your resume for consideration for our Actian Summer Internship Program!

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