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Engineered to Power Operational and
Advanced Analytics Workloads

Actian Avalanche hybrid cloud data warehouse leverages Google Cloud’s scalable infrastructure and global network to deliver breakthrough performance, concurrency and cost savings for data-driven enterprises. Avalanche enables a seamless path to migrate or offload on-premise data warehouses such as IBM Netezza, Teradata and Oracle Exadata to Google Cloud.  Our hybrid solution gives you the flexibility to have workloads remain on-premises until they are ready to be moved to the cloud.


Superior Performance

The fastest cloud data warehouse gets even faster–Avalanche takes advantage of Google Cloud’s smart infrastructure to run 20% faster than on other cloud platforms

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Unbeatable Cost Savings

Avalanche provides unbeatable price-performance compared to any other option on Google Cloud, including a 50% lower cost guarantee vs Snowflake


Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Avalanche can be deployed on Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, VPC and on-premises using the same physical data model, ETL/ELT tools, and BI tools for ultimate flexibility

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Built-in Self-Service Integration

Avalanche comes with preconfigured integration to Google Cloud Storage, S3, and ADLS as well as 200+ apps, web-service APIs, JSON data, even spreadsheets

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Advanced Analytics

Avalanche improves insights for a broad spectrum of users, from business analysts to data scientists, by excelling in complex ad hoc queries and next-gen ML


Enterprise Security

Avalanche offers comprehensive security features such as SOC-II compliance, built-in data masking and customer-managed keys, and leverages Google’s secure infrastructure

Actian + Google Cloud: A Strategic Partnership


Actian’s close collaboration with Google Cloud’s engineering team has resulted in a data warehouse experience that is easy to use, fully integrated, and one that maximizes the most of Google innovation.

Avalanche is deployed in the form of containers and micro services on the latest compute nodes of Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Google Cloud Dataproc, and Google Cloud Storage (GCS). It is tightly integrated with Looker, with planned integrations for DataFusion, Pub/Sub and Kubeflow to follow shortly.

PredictX: Customer Case Study

Actian Avalanche on Google Cloud

Listen to this short video taken at Big Data London 2021 on why PredictX chose Actian Avalanche on Google Cloud


Actian Avalanche on Google Cloud Platform with Looker – 3 Minute Demo

On-Demand Webinar

Google Cloud and Actian on the Future of Cloud Data Warehousing


Manvinder Singh
Director, IaaS/PaaS Partnerships,
Google Cloud


Emma McGrattan
SVP of Engineering,

Better Together Teaming with Avalache on Google Cloud Delivers Unfied Data for Multi-Disciplinary Operational Analytics Projects

Avalanche on GCP provides data access, enrichment, and analysis of diverse and disparate datasets for business analysts, engineers, scientists and other power users residing outside IT departments.  Direct access without the need to deal with code or complex integrations, capacity planning, upfront capital expenditures or other barriers to business agility are crucial in today’s changing landscape and business uncertainty.


Avalanche Architecture Whiteboard Video

This six minute technical overview highlights the innovative capabilities of Avalanche, including vectorized processing, multi-core parallelism, and smart compression.

Watch Now

Minimize migration risk with a highly automated, non-disruptive move to Google Cloud

Actian Avalanche helps you incrementally migrate or offload from your existing enterprise data warehouse until it can be retired in a managed fashion. You can keep some data on-premises as long as you need.

Avalanche adheres to SQL, Spark, JDBC/ODBC, and other open industry standards, and the Avalanche migration service ensures that over 90% of any custom code written for legacy data warehouses is migrated automatically. We migrate the rest manually by leveraging our trusted partners — making this a risk-free and worry-free exercise for you. Avalanche also delivers full interoperability with your existing back-end applications, enterprise data repositories, and new data sources.

Migrating from Teradata

Learn how Actian Avalanche offers a seamless path to migrate from Teradata to Google Cloud.

Read the Solution Brochure

Migrating from IBM Netezza

Learn how you can de-risk your migration from Netezza to Google Cloud with Actian Avalanche.

Read the Solution Brochure

Learn More About Actian Avalanche + Google

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Let’s talk about what Actian + Google can do for your analytics

Why Actian Avalanche…