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Better Together:
Actian Avalanche on
Google Cloud Platform

Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse consolidates Data Lake, Hub, and Warehouse functionality


The case for moving your operational data analytics to Avalanche Cloud Data Warehouse on Google Cloud

Download this white paper to glean insights into the challenges multi-disciplinary teams face in gathering, enriching, and processing diverse and disparate datasets in support of their BI and advanced analytics projects. Understand the advantages and improved outcomes that can be accomplished by offloading or piloting new projects with Avalanche Data Warehouse on Google Cloud

What you will learn:

  • Why investments in new SaaS platforms by various department functions generate new data silos
  • Why a modern Operational Data Analytics platform must combine elements of a Data Lake, Data Hub, and Data Warehouse to effectively support multi-disciplinary teams
  • How Business and Operations Analysts, Data Engineers and Scientists, and other Power-Users can directly ingest and prepare data instead of relying on IT support and resources on a day-to-day basis
  • Why Avalanche Data Warehouse on Google Cloud provides a central yet virtualized Cloud platform best suited for multi-disciplinary teams, delivering self-service, low-cost yet high-performance platform for operational data analytics

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