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Actian Helps Provide Forecast Analysis for Ireland Meteorological Service

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Ireland’s National Meteorological Service, Met Éireann, needed a way to manage their modern automated observation networks which produce observations at a time resolution of one minute or less, resulting in database tables that are very large and unwieldy.


Met Éireann chose the Actian Data Platform to easily distribute observational data and integrate data from different networks with different observation periods, making observations more accessible, accurate, and compatible with various visualization tools.


Actian Data Platform was able to help address the need for real-time data with simple queries performing tens of times faster and more complex queries performing hundreds of times faster.

About Met Éireann

Met Éireann is Ireland’s National Meteorological Service. Its mission is to monitor, analyze, and predict Ireland’s weather and climate and to provide a range of high quality meteorological and related information to both the public and a range of crucial industries, including agriculture and aviation.

For many people, questions about the weather will affect something of relatively little consequence. Shall I bring an umbrella or wear a raincoat today? Getting the wrong answer rarely rises above the level of an inconvenience. But if you work in agriculture or aviation or shipping, questions about the weather may impact entire crops, planes full of people, and more. Timely access to accurate, current weather information is critical.

That explains why Met Éireann, the Republic of Ireland’s National Meteorological Service, felt so strongly about the need to plan and execute a frictionless update of the database lying at the heart of its weather forecasting infrastructure. Disruption of service would be unacceptable, so Met Éireann executives knew that they needed to find a professional services organization with the experience and the expertise to orchestrate such an upgrade without incident.

"As a national meteorological service, Met Éireann is a 24/7, 365 day-per-year operation. Our users and customers depend on us to provide accurate and timely weather and climatological information. Disruption to services is not an option. With Actian we were able to deliver an effective solution for upgrading our database and improving performance without compromising service to our customers."
Conor Lally
Meteorologist, Observations Division, Met Éireann

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