Internship Program

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Delve into an internship experience unlike any other, where your potential isn’t just recognized—it’s realized.

Actian Internship Program

Actian internship at a glance

Our program is meticulously crafted to offer interns more than just a glimpse into the working world; it’s a chance to spearhead projects that matter. Unlike traditional internships that prioritize busy work, our approach centers on empowering interns with capstone projects of substance and significance.

We believe in providing interns with a platform to immerse themselves in real-world challenges, offering hands-on experiences that foster professional growth and skill development. Each intern is entrusted with a substantial project, enabling them to take ownership, demonstrate initiative, and leave a lasting mark on our organization.

Join us in redefining the internship experience—a dynamic opportunity to leverage your talents, drive innovation, and make a genuine difference. Gain invaluable insights, cultivate valuable connections, and pave the way for a promising future.

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Summer Internships run June 3rd – August 23rd.

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Structured Learning Plans

Each intern has a ‘buddy’ dedicated to provide one-on-one guidance. They also have a Learning Plan with at least 4 goals for their internship that their manager, buddy, and the People Team will help them achieve.

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Capstone Project

Throughout the internship, each intern will be focused on a Capstone Project. This project will be a culmination of the what they have been working on throughout the summer.

What it's like interning with us!

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Weekly Events

Just because the internship is remote, doesn’t mean we don’t have time for fun! Last summer, we hosted an Actian tie-dye shirt event, tiny camp fire—complete with smores(!!!), a murder mystery party, and so much more.

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Time with Executives

Interns all get a chance to connect with our executive team through panel discussions, 1:1s, Q&A meetings, and events.

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Workshops & Tech Tuesday’s

Interns all participate in Tech Tuesday’s where they get to learn more about Actian specific technologies, as well as workshops geared towards new professionals

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Opportunity to Travel

We will be hosting a hybrid orientation! For those that are interested in being in person for orientation, we will fly you to our Austin, TX office!